*National Park Service warning that begins,

“Most squirrel bites originate at the front, or “bite-y end,” of the squirrel.”

Most? Yeah, most. Wanna fight about it? In general, it’s best not to be in contact with any part of a wild animal. 

Let’s be honest, squirrels can be cute and fluffy (if not friend, why friend shaped?) therefore, people don’t usually mind them getting too close. But cuteness fades when a squirrel bites your hand, steals your car keys, and floors it out of the park with all your food in tow. Um, was Grandma in the car? 

We kid about the keys and driving, (that’d be nuts), but squirrel bites really can happen at parks. Best to keep hands and fingers away from bitey ends. Feeding human food to any wildlife is bad for them and makes them fearless and potentially aggressive.

In conclusion, squirrels may not know better, but YOU do. Although it may feel flattering, (well, aren’t you the animal whisperer) if any kind of wildlife approaches you, back away and maintain that safe distance. It’s your responsibility and your safety —help us keep wildlife wild. Has anyone seen our car keys? 

*i’m such a fan of the national park service’s humorous approach to warning the public about the creatures in their parks. humans need reminders from time to time. 

“this town is infested with squirrels, have you noticed?”
“i’d rather say it’s rich with squirrels.”
― elizabeth mckenzie, the portabel vebl

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  1. I have never had a problem with squirrels here. They usually run away when they see me coming. But monkeys in Africa can be aggressive, and are expert thieves. They will take handbags, backpacks, cameras, and any food lying around, perpared to fight you if you chase them to get it back. They also break into cars parked at Safari Parks or nature reserves, and can really damage vehicles.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Aaaawh, priceless if somewhat silly warning. Has anyone ever been bitten by a squirrels tail? 😉
    When I lived in Canada, I adored them. When in Switzerland, I admire them. In England, I started to dislike them actively. They were so rude and reckless, they raided every squirrelproof and any bird table/hanging device, I took photos of them sitting fat and content IN the feeding houses, the birds scattered in the surroundings….
    Now I am at peace with them once more.

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  3. We have a similar situation with our friendly-looking Kangaroos, and some of our golf courses are “rich” in kangaroos … they look quite docile lying there in the sun on a lush green fairway … but best you walk around the ‘mob’ and not through the middle of the ‘mob’ …

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  4. It’s the fault of The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin – a children’s book written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter. She made squirrels all so cute and cuddly and makes you want to pick them up and pet them. 😦

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  5. Ever since squirrels thought the screened part of our screened in porch was merely a suggestion or perhaps a great sharpening took for their teeth and the rafters were their best nesting place in our last house, their CQ went way down in my book, Beth. I tried to keep the bitey end away from my hands on my golf club as I poked and prodded them out the open door and on their way back to the green spaces oh-too-often.


  6. Our dog is fascinated by them. We will find her outside, staring at them as they flit from place to place. Fortunately for her, she has not been on the receiving end of one of their bites.

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  7. Hopefully the humor in the message will deter people from feeding the squirrels..and perhaps the other wildlife too..I’ve seen people do some pretty dumb things in the parks. We shoot our squirrels with a super soaker hose when they get on our bird feeders but mostly miss! Hah! Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt them..they might get a little wet! 🙂 And it’s pretty comical to watch a grown man trying to shoot a squirrel with a squirt gun! 🙂

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  8. My stepson — a unique little guy, 7 years old — was with us at Crater Lake. He may never have seen the lake. He sat watching a ground squirrel. I walked up to him for some reason (don’t remember) and he said, “Shhhh. If you hold still they’ll crawl up your leg.”

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  9. And I was just at the park yesterday for an hour and a half taking squirrel pics! While our squirrels keep their distance, I always figure there’s one hanging out in a tree waiting to ambush me. And honestly, I wouldn’t try to touch EITHER end of a squirrel!

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  10. I love this! It’s hilarious in an odd sort of way. I’ve had my own squirrel experiences but never bitten. We had one that asked politely for more peanuts and eventually learned to open the screen door to get to the bag for self service. I took pictures then closed the slider. Invitation not extended to inside the house. They chew up everything including the patio furniture, steal your mop or laundry bag and take it up a 50 ft tree. So cute but I agree. Keep a safe distance.

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  11. A wonderful post. Beth!
    Agree with the parks, and I love watching the squirrels with my Jeep cat, but we do it from behind a window. LOL! You should hear the noises she makes!!

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