poetry of the foot.


how will she dance with only one shoe

all i can picture

is that tiny ballerina

in the music box


around and around and around

up on her toes


on just one foot.

“dancing is the poetry of the foot.”
-john dryden-

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  1. just to say: Yesterday, on Easter Sunday, I talked to a young girl, hopping around in one sneaker. She told me that there was a strange odour and then she realised that her cat hat deposited a brown bundle in her shoe. So she took her sneaker off and put the offensive piece in her dad^s car….

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  2. Awe. I lost a ballet slipper when I was in sixth grade and my mom said “You obviously don’t care about ballet class. You’re done!” When I went away to college, I signed up for ballet. I took class until I was 50 and the ballet class near my house dissolved.

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