easter bonnets.


happy day to all who celebrate the return of spring

in their own very fine way.

in their easter finest. happy day to all who celebrate spring -

“i still believe in santa, the easter bunny, the tooth fairy and true love. don’t even try to tell me different.”

-dolly parton


art credits: vicky sawyer

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  1. Let each believe what they want and in the way they want to believe it.
    Be a truth seeker and remember you can change what you believe any day, every day, every hour, every minute, every second.
    Have a peaceful day!

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  2. Jingle Jangle for My Easter Bonnet
    My notebook’s running on empty
    There are pages of invisible words
    And blue lines are leaping forward
    Leaving my empty threads behind
    I’ve empty pockets
    Lined with holey socks
    And my empire’s purse
    Is loosely tied to my Easter bonnet
    How am I going to fly?
    Without costly wings
    I’ve not even a jingle jangle
    Of silver change
    And my dream destination
    Now seems out of range
    But I don’t need to travel too far
    To reach my chocolate Easter bar

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