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brace yourself.


how you smile when you first get your braces

after many years of delay

it was finally my time

to begin wearing

invisalign braces 

4 months in and 14 to go

a little bit of slurring

a lot of brushing

going to the ortho office

sitting in the waiting room

surrounded by 13-year olds

  we may have different things on our mind

but we have something in common as well. 


“i’m not going to miss wearing the braces very much.”

-america ferrera



(not me, but a cute model displaying my level of trepidation about going to my dentist,

and me exactly, if i was a goat with braces, tiny horns, and yellowing teeth.)


i finally got the call i’d been fearing for months

my dentist was beginning to reschedule appointments

cancelled due to coivd

and i was on the list!

i showed up

with gritted teeth and edgy nerves

as every dental visit begins for me

 as we went through all of the safety protocol

leading up to my virus-abbreviated visit

i realized there could be worse things

 still didn’t relax

until it was over

but at least

i was healthy.

had a very kind dentist.

and had teeth.

and no braces.

and no horns.


“before I got into rock n’ roll, I was going to be a dentist.”

-gregg allman




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