(not me, but a cute model displaying my level of trepidation about going to my dentist,

and me exactly, if i was a goat with braces, tiny horns, and yellowing teeth.)


i finally got the call i’d been fearing for months

my dentist was beginning to reschedule appointments

cancelled due to coivd

and i was on the list!

i showed up

with gritted teeth and edgy nerves

as every dental visit begins for me

 as we went through all of the safety protocol

leading up to my virus-abbreviated visit

i realized there could be worse things

 still didn’t relax

until it was over

but at least

i was healthy.

had a very kind dentist.

and had teeth.

and no braces.

and no horns.


“before I got into rock n’ roll, I was going to be a dentist.”

-gregg allman




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  1. A great juxtaposition. In France, I had the best, kindest, gentlest dentist and we told him to take a day off in the future to drive the 750km to him and back if he would reserve half a day for our treatments! He was happy about it 😉

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  2. How tough is that profession when you know that the majority of your patients hate to see you? Celebrities are famous and dentists are infamous. Plus. I think that they all have a little touch of masochist in them. Glad your visit went well! And good news about the horns, or lack there of!

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    • yes, to all of that ). that must be a challenging job for that reason, and I never should have seen ‘marathon man’, as I already had dental fear from childhood and that just confirmed everything )

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  3. I’m glad all went well, Beth.

    My husband had to have dental work done twice during quarantine ( a root canal, and then a tooth repair). I was anxious about him, but from what he said, both times at both offices, they were very strict about safety protocols. And his dentist actually opened the office just for my husband to come in–no one else was there at all.

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    • yes, they were incredible with the protocol, only one other person way on the other side of the office. I’ve always had dental fear, so this appointment just kicked it up a notch )

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  4. I’m glad to hear it went well, Beth. Smack dab in the middle of the crisis I woke up with a toothache that wouldn’t subside. After days, I called my dentist’s office, and they took me in for an emergency appointment. In sort, I had to have a root canal and all the jazz that adds up to a new crown, multiple visits in the middle of the crisis. They did great following the safety protocols, fortunately for both sides of the chair.

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  5. Aaaaaah! I’m glad this went OK!

    Littler J has what my husband calls “shark teeth.” I so want him to see a dentist/orthodontist, but we live right over the county line from CA’s Orange County, where … things are not good, epidemiologically speaking, from my perspective. My kids and I all got very, very sick in late January. I almost called an ambulance, because I felt like I was drowning in phlegm (as I then texted my husband).

    Given that we live in an international hub, my husband now thinks we had COVID; given, too, that antibodies don’t seem to last long and Littler J was down for a couple of weeks (together with half of his class!), I don’t want to risk it. Even though I don’t love how Littler J’s having to talk very, very carefully to avoid pain right now.


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  6. Exactly my sentiments about my semiannual dentist visits. I wear ear buds and listen to music while they’re having at me. A few years ago. I had a couple of bone marrow exams. As bad a rep as they have, it was nothing compared to the anxiety I get with the DDS. My motto now is , ‘as for going to the dentist, I’d rather have a bone marrow exam’.

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  7. I’m right there with you, Beth. This morning I went for my half-year cleaning. Gulp. But they had put in new ventilation, lots of PPE, and the hygienist was thorough and engaging. Six more months til I have to do it all again. (And coincidentally, my granddaughter showed me her new TURQUOISE braces that were put on yesterday). She looks a lot cuter than the cute goat.

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  8. AUGGGHHH, I’m so with you! My dentist called me up about a minute after NY went into stage 2 for of all things a crown. Everyone in bio-hazard suits. When he told me i actually didn’t need a crown but a new filling, I almost cried. Then went home and had a drink. But you survived!

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  9. Whew!!! I got the same call today …. My dentist has retired and there is someone new …. Does not add to happy relaxed thoughts!
    I’m looking around for an other recommendation. Do you know who took care of the goat … I may consider it, just to have that goofy smile!

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  10. I remember taking my son to a children’s dentist years ago and realized that the script had now flipped. Something I feared he looked forward to. Of course, if you saw this guy’s setup, it had everything kids dream about playing with while they were waiting. (It occurs to me that this wouldn’t work in COVID times.)

    Love the Gregg Allmann quote. You could have given me 100 guesses, and I bet I wouldn’t have gotten it.🤣


    • i totally get this and had my childhood dental experience been similar to that, i may never have felt any fear. i always make sure to keep a positive attitude about the dentist with my grandchildren, and the children i teach, and help them to look forward to going. their experiences so far have been very good. yeah, greg allmann, who knew?


  11. does anyone like going to the dentist? no matter how good I take care of my teeth, when it’s time for my semi-annual cleaning, it’s always painful. I just start counting, and I figure by the time I get to around 1,000 it will all be over. Like you, thank heaven the dentist and her staff are quite nice…

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