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i stopped to fill up with gas

and grab a cup of coffee

when heading out of town

and home once more.

as i paid and told

the very happy and chatty clerk

to have a good day

he glanced across the street

at the beautiful view he sees each day

and thanked me for reminding him

because every day was good

and especially today

because today was the day

that he was going to win the lottery

but somehow i thought that he already had.

“i count myself lucky,

having long ago won a lottery paid to me 

in seven sunrises a week for life.”

~robert brault


happiness is not an ideal of reason, but of imagination. – immanuel kant



and i am very happy today

as i imagine

this is what it looks like outside.

and then i will go outside.

and i will keep imagining.

and in a few months

it will look like this

and then i will

praise the power

of the imagination

for making things come true.