finding sprinkles.


how lucky am i to find this downtown, on a walk on a beautiful day?

“i’m well aware. a world without rainbow sprinkles is a world without happiness.”

-l.m. augustine

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  1. I sometimes think you only find sprinkles when you’re looking for them. (Unlike glitter, which can be wonderful but gets everywhere and shows up where you least want or expect it. )


  2. When I worked a summer about 60 miles south of Ann Arbor, I was charmed by all the yard art around Milan, Michigan, where I stayed. I took lots of photos with my then-film camera, but technology has changed so much since then, and film has given way to digital, which has given way to cell phone photography.

    I’ve also gone through several computers, scanners, and all have suffered from upgrades, corrosion, and other techno-problems over the years since 1996.

    The yard art was delightful, though. I’m glad the concept lives.

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