*fork over.


why is it

that within 5 seconds and 2 steps

when carrying a plate with a fork on it

that the fork somehow slams to the ground

even when i’m focused, keeping the plate level, moving at a normal pace

is it math? science? is my body always a just a bit a-kilter?

*in reading about what dropping a fork means, all i that i can find are superstitions.

after looking at superstitions from around the globe, from a variety of cultures, both historical and current

many disagree about what will happen when you drop a fork

but they seem to be narrowed down to three major things that will happen soon:

good news, bad news, or love.

this explains a lot of my life.,

but why the fork falls remains a mystery.

“if they drop a fork, you give them another one”

– from ‘caddyshack’

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  1. I’m trying to imagine when I might carry a fork in a bowl. I usually set the table before eating, so the fork is not in the bowl. Now I think of it, they do occasionally fall off when I am carrying the dishes to the sink to wash up. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. But … if I choose to carry the fork in my clutched fist instead, Beth, the plate either tilts wildly and spills half my meal to the ground or falls out of my grip altogether and crashes to pieces at my feet.

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  3. The superstition we learned was: If you dropped a knife, a man was going to visit. If you dropped a fork, a woman was going to visit. If you dropped a spoon, a child was going to visit. It never comes true though… 🙂

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  4. So true! and sometimes it is a knife… I will often drop a knife on the floor while carrying my toast and butter to my desk. (and a bit of tradition in my house: every time a knife is dropped on the floor, it is not a good omen, so I have to make the sign of the cross on the floor with it as I pick it up. If a fork is dropped, it just means that a man is coming to visit. If a spoon is dropped it means a woman is coming. – that is what I grew up with, and I still follow it lol0
    Blessings to you!

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