adjustable cat anti scratch shoes anti scratch cat feet claw covers pet grooming supplies details 0

Adjustable Cat Anti-Scratch Shoes,

Anti-Scratch Cat Feet Claw Covers

just a guess,

but i’m thinking

this was not

thoroughly thought through

market tested


focus grouped

and may not go well.

“nothing dies harder than a bad idea.”

-julia cameron



source credit: mingott pet

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  1. It’s not natural, and I cannot imagine any cat enjoying that feeling. They also sell small boots for dogs here, to ‘protect their feet’. That’s why they have pads on their paws, it’s such nonsense. I hate to see pets dressed up like tiny humans, which says a lot about their weird owners.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I love the expression on the cat’s face! We tried booties on my daughter’s pug to protect his feet from the hot pavement. He was hysterical to watch as he tried to walk in them, but he walked out of them pretty quickly.

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