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smile jar.


when dropping my car off at the dealer today

I asked about a ‘smile jar’

sitting behind the friendly customer service guy

he told me it’s kind of like a reverse swear jar

 every time someone sees him smile

 a co-worker drops $$ in his jar.

it seemed to be working

I like it. 


“show me a smile, and I’ll show you one back.”

-vanilla ice






image credit: pinterest


ride along.


we pulled up at the same time

right next to each other

i got out

his family got out

he stayed in

we looked at each other

i said hello to him

his mom said

he insists on

riding along

on every journey

and refuses

to get out of the car

until they all get home

once again

he just loves to ride.

“i’m going along for the ride. the whole ride.

all the way to the end of the line. wherever that is.”

– al pacino in “carlito’s way – 1993



chris taylor atop a bit of art at ann arbor’s top of the park festival

i had a pleasant surprise

when i opened my front door

and standing there was

my mayor, chris taylor

he was walking around the neighborhoods

talking to people

about the upcoming primary election

we talked for a bit

and i thanked him

for all he’s done

and continues to do

for ann arbor

 when he left

and i closed the door

i thought that this is how politicians should be

just walking around talking to people in their neighborhoods.

“the true privilege of being mayor

is that I have the opportunity to be everyone’s neighbor.”

-thomas menino





day 1

room 1

visited a pub

in a little village

filled with

friendly people

from near and far


slept above it

in a tiny room

while beautiful irish music 

kept on

playing below

dancing me into sweet dreams.

“i’m not afraid of chaos and i’m happy talking to strangers.

i really love not knowing where I’m going.”

-fiona shaw

a small town is a place where there’s no place to go where you shouldn’t. – burt bacharach



spent a slow, sunny afternoon

in the pretty little town of

st. clair, michigan

right on the river

reading and writing

watching people and ships

come and go.


and in the

friendly coffee shop

right across from the water

run by sue

where i sat near

a retired teacher

meeting her former student

who long ago was

a 3-year old

in her class

for the first time

after many years

with photo albums

and stories

and catching up on life

and finally she got tired

and said it was time to go


they hugged

going their separate ways

with a promise to meet once again

before so long.

and the high school girls

gathering around a table

excited and nervous

about the coming school year

chatting and giggling

sharing stories

 someone’s little sister

sat on her lap

having her hair braided

looking at her comic book


as part of the group

and learning from these girls

dreaming about what it will be like one day

to be a high school girl

and giggle and fret with your friends.

and the old man

 who held the door

offering to buy a ‘drink’ for two older lady friends

who were awaiting his arrival

regaling them with tales

of his days in europe

reliving them

or perhaps living them for the first time

with his retelling.


and the young boys on the river

determined to enjoy the last days of summer

jumping in without fear and with squeals of laughter.

the nice part about living in a small town

is that when you don’t know what you’re doing,

someone else does

 – immanuel kant