chris taylor atop a bit of art at ann arbor’s top of the park festival

i had a pleasant surprise

when i opened my front door

and standing there was

my mayor, chris taylor

he was walking around the neighborhoods

talking to people

about the upcoming primary election

we talked for a bit

and i thanked him

for all he’s done

and continues to do

for ann arbor

 when he left

and i closed the door

i thought that this is how politicians should be

just walking around talking to people in their neighborhoods.

“the true privilege of being mayor

is that I have the opportunity to be everyone’s neighbor.”

-thomas menino


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  1. Beth,

    People need the personal touch more than ever. Bravo for your mayor. He must be prepared for anything. How large is Ann Arbor? It has a university presence, thinking and alive–my one-night impression.

    BTW, thanks overall for sharing your experiences exploring with the kiddies. They can certainly feed your optimism. That feeds mine, and I don’t even have to wipe their faces. I didn’t have my glasses on makes more sense every day. All about perspective, right?

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  2. You have such a cool Mayor, many times you have shown how involved he is! 👏
    I appreciate hands on leaders, politicians and local mayor’s. Carrie my oldest daughter is getting married to Daniel on Friday while the past Mayor Carolyn Riggles will officiate. I am going to be there!! ❤ Originally, her step daughter from first time around was going to photograph. Something came up so I get to be there to capture through pictures. (She really didn’t want her Dad to come and that meant I couldn’t. . .)

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