magical writing.


peaches: “your writing is beautiful. may i read it?”

grandie v: “it’s written in magic fairy language, peaches, so i’ll have to read it to you. it says: fairies, mermaids, and unicorns are magical.”

peaches: “we’re both so lucky that you know magic fairy language.”

”if i fall asleep with a pen in my hand, don’t remove it

— i might be writing in my dreams. 

-terri guillemetsqe

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  1. Love this! When the whole tribe signed a birthday card for me one year, 4-year-old Laynie embellished the letters in her name with curlicues and squiggles. I told her how pretty it looked. She said she was learning to write like grown-ups did — in other words, in cursive. To her, that was a magical style of writing. I’ve saved that card for 14 years just because of her “signature.”

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  2. Lucky indeed! As for the second quote, I often find myself writing in my dreams, or realizing as I dream that it would make a great story. So far, it’s only been helpful for my fiction writing for grownups but I’m happy to get story ideas whenever they occur.

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