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after 3 days of conferences with parents

sharing stories of each child’s gifts

i’m all talked out

but really loved the conversations.

“we are all gifted, that is our inheritance.”

-ethel waters



photo credit: bbc earth



not us, but actors with a similar communication style

getting together with my friend yesterday to catch up,

with our usual mutual understanding:

“if i’m telling you a story be prepared to have 7 mini conversations and 19 other stories thrown into it.”



friends meet under the bridge

and relax into an after-dinner chat. 

“I’d be smiling and chatting away,

and my mind would be floating around somewhere else

like a balloon with a broken string.”

-haruki murakami





Ann Arbor, mi – summer 2019



chris taylor atop a bit of art at ann arbor’s top of the park festival

i had a pleasant surprise

when i opened my front door

and standing there was

my mayor, chris taylor

he was walking around the neighborhoods

talking to people

about the upcoming primary election

we talked for a bit

and i thanked him

for all he’s done

and continues to do

for ann arbor

 when he left

and i closed the door

i thought that this is how politicians should be

just walking around talking to people in their neighborhoods.

“the true privilege of being mayor

is that I have the opportunity to be everyone’s neighbor.”

-thomas menino


la,la,la,la,la……. (not fa, la,la,la).



went to see this movie. waited outside for my friend to arrive.



just then, a loud group of people came out, and one said to the others,

‘i cannot believe that ____________ happened! he ____________! and _______!’


i could not believe they didn’t think about the other people sharing their space, waiting to go in and see the film and wanting all of the roller coaster ups and downs and surprises that came with it. they had revealed the ending of the movie to us. all i wanted was to take back that moment and block my ears and just say, ‘la,la,la,la,la,la,la………..’

Surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us. – Boris Pasternak