after 3 days of conferences with parents

sharing stories of each child’s gifts

i’m all talked out

but really loved the conversations.

“we are all gifted, that is our inheritance.”

-ethel waters



photo credit: bbc earth

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  1. The most amazing teacher — and possibly greatest gift my children ever received— was their preschool teacher Polly. She was utterly and 100% convinced that every single child in her class was amazingly gifted. I really don’t think there was another single thing she could have taught them that was more important. Her former students have won Academy Awards, Emmys, Pulitzers. They are doing cutting-edge research, heading up new ventures, and changing the world. There simply is no way to calculate the gifts Polly sent out into the world.

    I know for certain that the children in your classroom are just as lucky.

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  2. I remember – way back when – we were encouraged or it was suggested we learn something of our new students either from last year’s teacher or a permanent record – before the beginning of school.

    Every child deserves a fresh new start. Besides I didn’t have time!

    And I hoped the parents of my new students didn’t consult parents of my last year students about me. 😦

    Each teacher deserves a fresh new start. 🙂

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  3. You are such a blessing for those kiddies! And that photo….. and the quote. Treasures!
    I’m often ‘listened out’. Especially after every long visit or phone call with my 99yr old auntie. If she wd ever shut up for a mo, I cd have helped her with regards to many of her ‘subjects of discussion’… Then she says: I really love speaking/discussing with you ❤️

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  4. Beth, to share with these parents the gifts you see in their children is an amazing gift to those families. I love how much you love and care about your little people. Just last evening my eldest daughter met with my granddaughter’s first grade teacher. Isabelle’s gift is in math and she’s in an accelerated math program. I especially appreciate that she has that option to be challenges.

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