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to shoe or not to shoe?


yes, these are my glitter shoes again, brought out for special occasions. 

while i do so love to be barefoot or in sandals whenever possible

there are times when shoes are needed,

like novemeber-march in michigan

and sometimes on small holidays or dance party fridays.

“when I die I don’t want to be wearing shoes.

i want to have just enough notice so that I can pull them off and get comfortable.

shoes mean death snuck up on you.

shoes mean you had other plans.” 

-jason buchholz, a paper son



when you want to change the color of your shoes

but don’t have a job

to make the money to buy them

and no one will hire you

just because you are a 4-year-old

even though you have a lot of energy

you find your own way to get those turquoise shoes.

“a busy mind is full of thoughts, a blissful mind is full of ideas.” 

– amit kalantri, author



it was a quiet, simple act

a couple walking in my direction


 the man bent down

to tie his companion’s shoe

and in this tiny moment

revealed his heart. 


“let me tie your shoes. i don’t want you tripping and falling for someone else.”

-author unknown

two shoes.


and what was just one shoe

perched up high

has now grown to two shoes


the only thing missing is the wearer

hopefully not sitting

perched here

 tomorrow morning. 

“comfortable shoes and the freedom to leave are the two most important things in life.”

-shel silverstein