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to shoe or not to shoe?


yes, these are my glitter shoes again, brought out for special occasions. 

while i do so love to be barefoot or in sandals whenever possible

there are times when shoes are needed,

like novemeber-march in michigan

and sometimes on small holidays or dance party fridays.

“when I die I don’t want to be wearing shoes.

i want to have just enough notice so that I can pull them off and get comfortable.

shoes mean death snuck up on you.

shoes mean you had other plans.” 

-jason buchholz, a paper son




just one more good reason why i wear sandals until after halloween.


Woman scares off crocodile with flip-flop in Australia
2 October 2016 

A woman has scared away a salt water crocodile, which was swimming towards her and her dog, by slapping her flip-flop at it. It is thought that are at least 120 crocodiles in this stretch of the East Alligator River, in Kakadu National Park. The last fatal attack there was in 1987.

“life is too short to wear boring shoes.”

-author unknown

credits: bbcnews.com