to shoe or not to shoe?


yes, these are my glitter shoes again, brought out for special occasions. 

while i do so love to be barefoot or in sandals whenever possible

there are times when shoes are needed,

like novemeber-march in michigan

and sometimes on small holidays or dance party fridays.

“when I die I don’t want to be wearing shoes.

i want to have just enough notice so that I can pull them off and get comfortable.

shoes mean death snuck up on you.

shoes mean you had other plans.” 

-jason buchholz, a paper son

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  1. This resonates loudly with me. My shoes come off before I even come in my house. Working from home, there may be weeks I don’t put shoes on! (Fun little side note, I have been doing home visits for my career for over 20 years, I STILL have a hard time not kicking off my shoes on people’s porches or in their foyers.)

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  2. I am rarely barefoot, except on a beach in summer. When I go out on the dog-walk, I usually wear long rubber boots. (Wellingtons) Then when I get home, I take off the boots and thick socks before slipping into some cosy sheepskin bootee slippers. However, I rarely wear socks, unless I have to. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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