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action adventure.


another polar vortex day

another movie adventure

one daughter

two grandies

four neighborhood kids

lots of action

lots of adventure.

“you never forget the neighborhood kids you grew up with.”




chris taylor atop a bit of art at ann arbor’s top of the park festival

i had a pleasant surprise

when i opened my front door

and standing there was

my mayor, chris taylor

he was walking around the neighborhoods

talking to people

about the upcoming primary election

we talked for a bit

and i thanked him

for all he’s done

and continues to do

for ann arbor

 when he left

and i closed the door

i thought that this is how politicians should be

just walking around talking to people in their neighborhoods.

“the true privilege of being mayor

is that I have the opportunity to be everyone’s neighbor.”

-thomas menino


sometimes i lie awake at night, and i ask, ‘where have i gone wrong?’ then a voice says to me, ‘this is going to take more than one night.  – charles schultz



once again

it seemed

like a good idea

at the time.

i was seven years old

when my

very cute

neighbor/paper boy


 told on me

for riding my bike

where i wasn’t

allowed to be riding

i got caught lying

by my mother

who asked me about it

i never was

a good actress

and there were


so together

with one of my sisters

and our good friend

we planned

our sweet revenge

in a style

only young children

could create.

we would collect

a huge pile of burrs

from the field

behind our houses

hide it in our summer tent

 wait for the boys to show up


throw it at him

so he’d see who he messed with.


it took so long

 it was such a hot summer day

 it was so boring in there


i fell asleep in the tent

but somehow curled up

right on our

prickly pile of revenge


i woke up

with my hair

horribly embedded

with the all the burrs

so i

 burst out crying

 walked inside

 asking nana

to help me

brush them out

i lost lots of hair

 it hurt

 it took

what seemed like hours


when it was over

my hair resembled

a giant ball of split end fuzz

so i

 i went out on the front porch

to relax and eat a popsicle

and saw jd

delivering our paper


his hair looked darn good.

*man’s greatest blunder has been in trying to make peace with the skies instead of making peace with his neighbors. ~elbert hubbard



map of pangea with current international borders

the good people at open culture

recently shared this map of pangea

with the present day country names.

if the band ever gets back together,

here’s who your nation’s neighbors would be.

-massimo pietrobon – mental floss magazine

we cannot live only for ourselves.

a thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men.

~herman melville

*this post is dedicated to the brave journalists in paris, recently lost to a senseless violent act, to journalists everywhere, to the freedom of speech and to peace.