a tribute to your individuality – neighborhood style.


i am endlessly fascinated by the postings i find on my neighborhood nextdoor site:

the one about the wild turkeys holding a woman at bay in her driveway

then her warning to others, after she escaped unscathed to the car,

as she last saw them headed down the road looking for other victims like a street gang

the one complaining about kids running through his yard instead of staying on the path 

 the one who reported the tiny pet turtle who ‘ran’ away from her yard

and on and on. 

then there was my favorite:

it was a long chat chain that began when someone relocated here from the uk and was looking for a store that sold weet bix. the response/comment section continued on for months, with neighbors offering suggestions of where to find different flavors and sizes of it, who had the best prices, adding in images of artwork made with weet bix, weet bix jokes, weet bix gifs, weet bix logo clothing, balanced towers of weet bix, opinions about weet bix, bowls of weet bix, people sharing their u.k. memories……it was absolutely brilliant, and even included a site administrator who couldn’t take it anymore, trying to wind it up at one point, summarizing it by listing the previously suggested stores, only to have it start up again, people telling her just stop reading it if she was over it, but they were having a ball, leading to it win our ‘best post of the year,’ due to it’s refusal to end, and for the enthusiasm level with which the neighborhood embraced this, rising to the occasion in this ongoing quest to find and celebrate everything weet bix. i loved it. (in the spirit of the chat chain, this may be the longest run-on sentence/paragraph/rambling explanation ever)

happy national neighbor day

“the curiosity of the neighbors about you, is a tribute to your individuality, and you should encourage it. ”    

-quentin crisp

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  1. Oh Beth…. this is SO AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL… love it! I can judt see you and myself in our friendly, chuckling trawling of said post and link, going on for years to come. I wish this thing was known in Switzerland.
    And for the 1st time ever, I read one post on Migipedia – a Wikipedia of a chain called Migros, where I thought as to How amazing it is that people, customers and ex customers can get worked up and angry about one product of said chain….. But then I was too tired and just upvoted some comments.
    And now, a few hours later, you bring this post!
    Are you sure we weren’t separated at birth? (With a few years apart…)

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    • I loved reading it, loved that people embraced it and had fun with it, and looked forward to it popping up in my inbox. that is so funny about the migros chain, you really get my sense of odd humor, twin.

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  2. Hi Beth,
    This really got me chuckling! We have a flock of about 20+ wild turkeys roaming our streets fairly regularly. The biggest are over waist high tall, but they look to scrawny for plucking and roasting. They absolutely set my dog OFF! She would love to tear into them and we have to keep a tight leash if we cross them during a walk. If they wander by the house, she stands up with her front paws on the window sill until they’ve passed.

    Also, my wife is from the U.K. and Weet-Bix were a breakfast staple for her growing up. They taste a bit like fine sawdust to me (IMHO), so, I’m not a fan. Served in warmed milk, they have a vague texture reminiscent of soggy milk-toast.

    I am also on Nextdoor, and find it moderately useful for local info.


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  3. That’s hilarious! I especially like the part where the administrator tried to bring things to a halt, only to have the thread continue. There might be a book there—Everything You Wanted to Know About Weet-Bix But Were Afraid to Ask.

    I also like the image of the wild turkey street gang.🤣

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