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a tribute to your individuality – neighborhood style.


i am endlessly fascinated by the postings i find on my neighborhood nextdoor site:

the one about the wild turkeys holding a woman at bay in her driveway

then her warning to others, after she escaped unscathed to the car,

as she last saw them headed down the road looking for other victims like a street gang

the one complaining about kids running through his yard instead of staying on the path 

 the one who reported the tiny pet turtle who ‘ran’ away from her yard

and on and on. 

then there was my favorite:

it was a long chat chain that began when someone relocated here from the uk and was looking for a store that sold weet bix. the response/comment section continued on for months, with neighbors offering suggestions of where to find different flavors and sizes of it, who had the best prices, adding in images of artwork made with weet bix, weet bix jokes, weet bix gifs, weet bix logo clothing, balanced towers of weet bix, opinions about weet bix, bowls of weet bix, people sharing their u.k. memories……it was absolutely brilliant, and even included a site administrator who couldn’t take it anymore, trying to wind it up at one point, summarizing it by listing the previously suggested stores, only to have it start up again, people telling her just stop reading it if she was over it, but they were having a ball, leading to it win our ‘best post of the year,’ due to it’s refusal to end, and for the enthusiasm level with which the neighborhood embraced this, rising to the occasion in this ongoing quest to find and celebrate everything weet bix. i loved it. (in the spirit of the chat chain, this may be the longest run-on sentence/paragraph/rambling explanation ever)

happy national neighbor day

“the curiosity of the neighbors about you, is a tribute to your individuality, and you should encourage it. ”    

-quentin crisp



so fun 

to watch grandie j

and his team

 just at the beginning

of learning skills and strategies

but they all try really hard

accept each other just as they are

and have such a light-hearted team spirit.

“with an enthusiastic team you can achieve almost anything.”

-tahir shah


the youngest at the party
play a long game of skill and chance
with exuberance and spirit.
“a finite game is played for the purpose of winning,
an infinite game for the purpose of continuing the play.”
― james o. carse, Finite and Infinite Games: A Vision of Life as Play and Possibility.” 



et, longtime sporty friend of mine

signed up to do a quick 5k this morning

prior to our bookclub brunch

and was surprised to learn

that she was somehow stuck doing a 5-miler

due to a ‘volunteer miscommunication error’

and toughed it out, arriving  on time.

please note the difference in her demeanor, expression, and body language

in the photos

before (above)

still running and realizing the mileage


after (below)

arriving at brunch and enjoying a breakfast bud light.

here’s to her mighty spirit.“either you run the day or the day runs you.”

-jim rohn

“a strong spirit transcends rules.”- prince



while the kinders were playing a farm game

with crops and cash,

some sold

some bought

some traded.

i thought all were farmers

until one came to me 

to say:

“she doesn’t want to be a farmer. she said  she’s a jedi warrior!

that means she’ll be stronger than all of the rest of us!”


i told him that jedi and farmers are both very strong people.

both work hard and refuse to give up.

both try to do things peacefully.

and that

they could work together with no problem.

they would be good for each other.

they would help each other.

even a  jedi has to eat.

even a farmer has to stand up and be brave. 

and they became a very powerful team.


image credits: foodtank.com, google images, star wars, lucasfilm.ltd

laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face. – vctor hugo



wok racing. 

one way for non-skiers

to enjoy winter sports.


in germany

each march

a mix of

b-list celebrities



3 million tv viewers

share in this great event.



sit in woks

strap ladles

to their feet




at speeds of

more than

60 mph.

Lena und Nadine Beiler: Deutsch-šsterreichisches ESC-Duell bei Raabs WOK WM Duell der NachbarlŠnder bei Stefan Raabs TV total WOK WM 2011?: Am 12. MŠrz kommt es auf ProSieben (20.15 Uhr) zum direkten Aufeinandertreffen der deutschen und der šsterreichischen Vertreterin beim Eurovision Song Contest 2011. Lena und Nadine Beiler treten im Rahmen der neunten ReisschŸsselweltmeisterschaft in Innsbruck/Igls mit ihren Grand-Prix-BeitrŠgen Taken by a Stranger und The Secret is Love live auf. Foto: © ProSieben / Willi Weber Dieses Bild darf bis 27.MŠrz 2010 honorarfrei fŸr redaktionelle Zwecke und nur im Rahmen der ProgrammankŸndigung verwendet werden. SpŠtere Veršffentlichungen sind nur nach RŸcksprache und ausdrŸcklicher Genehmigung der German Free TV Holding GmbH mšglich. Verwendung nur mit vollstŠndigem Copyrightvermerk. Das Foto darf nicht verŠndert, bearbeitet und nur im Ganzen verwendet werden. Es darf nicht archiviert werden. Es darf nicht an Dritte weitergeleitet werden. Bei Fragen: 089/9507-1166. Voraussetzung fŸr die Verwendung dieser Programmdaten ist die Zustimmung zu den Allgemeinen GeschŠftsbedingungen der Presselounges der Sender der ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG.

in 2014 

members of 

the jamaican bobsled team

took first prize.

credits: mzungovolunteers.org, reddit.com, mental floss, zazzle.com