and for yet another time

i’ve had food delivered to me

that i hadn’t ordered

some have had addresses, some have not

and i was very tempted….

called the delivery service on the bag

they conference-called us both

 hungry guy and his girlfriend came over

told them i almost ate them

they were thankful and told me i should have

not sure why i keep getting people’s food

all at different addresses

 from different sources

i’ve decided to embrace it

as a unique way to get to know my neighbors.

“the pleasure lies not in the cookies, but in the pattern the crumbs make when the cookies crumble.”

-michael korda

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    • I agree, but as this is the 5th time I’ve received a gift of food that wasn’t meant to be mine and I’m trying really hard to eat healthy, I decided to try to find its rightful owner )

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  1. What is even worse is when (and happened more than once) different neighbors have brought us a piece of our mail that was in their box.

    “Sorry we opened it before we realized it was yours.”
    And now the whole neighborhood probably knows we are not millionaires and are living way way beyond our means.
    I should sue the USPS but it is living beyond its means too. 😦

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  2. Now that is putting a positive spin on things! A unique way to get to know your neighbours.
    My neighbour received my Amazon package – my number is on the label so she called me and asked me if I had received hers in error. No, I had not. She then held mine hostage until she found out where HERS was… seriously? Finally delivered it (I didn’t know which neighbour she was…)

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  3. Going through the effort and time to locate the correct recipient certainly shows to those recipients that there are, indeed, still good and honest people in this crazy world! Plus, by getting to know your neighbors, if you ever need a cup of sugar…

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  4. I wonder if this will now cure the address problem? Somehow, I doubt it…
    (My overriding thought is that I cannot imagine anyone ordering two packets of cookies to be delivered. There must be a shop where they could buy them.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  5. I once received an Amazon package meant for the neighbor next door. Had opened it before I realized it wasn’t mine (sunglasses, not cookies). So far none of my deliveries have gone astray. Knock wood.

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  6. I recently received a package from FED EX and I thought, oh, a wonderful surprise since I hadn’t ordered anything and rarely do. Luckily I looked at the name and address before opening. The address was mine, the name was not. So I walked across the street to deliver it to my neighbor, Joanne.

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  7. That’s so interesting. Food just naturally is attracted to you. It probably whispers in the delivery person’s ear…”NO, no that house, go the the one over there where Beth lives.” LOL It is a good way to meet neighbors. LOL

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  8. We’ve been pretty lucky only getting those items we’ve ordered/expected to arrive. Fifth time that unannounced food has arrived for you…wow. Maybe word got out you are trying to do better and these services are trying to test your resolve. Stand firm…step away from the deliveries…and meet new friends!

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