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  a notice recently arrived 

telling me the stamps i’d ordered online

 from the post office this past summer

were finally arriving in my mailbox

it had been so long

 i’d forgotten about them

told me what day they’d be delivered 

then they weren’t there

even though

they were marked as ‘delivered’ online.

they were not there all week

went to the post office

i have the nicest mailman in the world

but wanted to see if they could find them

woman at the desk

said i had to request a refund on their website

after navigating through

using the tracking code

filling in all the blanks 

it responded

“not eligible for refund as it was not insured.”

read it a couple of times

wait, wasn’t it coming from them to me?

weren’t they the post office, the ones who i was buying them from?

weren’t they supposed to deliver them to me?

wasn’t that their one job?

my mailman said he’ll check all the boxes nearby 

but i fear they are lost in the abyss.

next time i’ll ask them to please insure their own product before trying to send it to me using their services.  

“and then she had to fill out so many forms she forgot why she had come and what she had left behind.”

-amy tan



and for yet another time

i’ve had food delivered to me

that i hadn’t ordered

some have had addresses, some have not

and i was very tempted….

called the delivery service on the bag

they conference-called us both

 hungry guy and his girlfriend came over

told them i almost ate them

they were thankful and told me i should have

not sure why i keep getting people’s food

all at different addresses

 from different sources

i’ve decided to embrace it

as a unique way to get to know my neighbors.

“the pleasure lies not in the cookies, but in the pattern the crumbs make when the cookies crumble.”

-michael korda

it fell from the sky.


after last week’s surprise package of tempting treats

another food surprise arrived

 a couple of breakfast meals

seem to have fallen from the sky

right to my front door

this time delivered by grub hub 

with no address on the receipt 

delivered in the morning when i was at school

 huge portions of pancakes and eggs benedict

i’m sure they were hot and delicious when they arrived

another set of challenges to my healthy eating

testing my temptation limits

is my door the common delivery area for every address on my street?

what will appear next?

should i leave snacks and drinks out for all of the delivery people yet to come?

“when fortune knocks open the door.”




last night when i walked outside

i tripped over a bag left at my front door

it was filled with treats

cookies, candy, and ice cream

(the three c’s, the holy trinity of sweets, cake can be subbed in as needed)

i had no idea who it was from, no note inside, such a great surprise

then i noticed the address

guessed the delivery person had just reversed it

i could go and deliver it myself

 tried to imagine who was waiting for it


it was from a parent

who sent it to their child/college student cramming for an exam?

the victim of a recent romantic breakup needing sugar therapy?

a parent who just needed a break and a treat?

a dieter on a sweets bender?

a family waiting for dessert to go with their board game?

a hallmark movie night for friends?

was it a test from the universe

to challenge my recent healthy eating resolve?

cadbury is my favorite chocolate

 the cookies aren’t that big

 i could eat one spoon of ice cream a day

i had no idea how long it had been out there

no one had knocked

the ice cream was beginning to soften

i felt for whoever was expecting it

called the company on the bag

they said the customer had reordered when it didn’t arrive

they had already sent them out a new bag of treats

 i was welcome to eat it or throw it out

i chose a third option

i delivered this unexpected gift to my daughter

at her house in the light of day.

“life is always bringing unexpected gifts.”

-may sarton

mrs. ticklefeather is missing.


as a collector of the classic golden books

i am endlessly fascinated

by their history, artwork, authors, short tales, and backstories

i finally found and ordered one i’d been looking for

“lucky mrs. ticklefeather”

which seems to have quickly made it’s way through multiple cities

only to land in detroit a few weeks ago

where is has remained

stuck in an ‘in transit’ status

ever since its arrival.

will *mrs. ticklefeather ever be found?

is she still considered lucky?

is there a rival golden book collector near me

looking for the same book?

does paul her pet puffin, have anything to do with this?

it remains to be seen and i remain hopeful

this story isn’t over yet. 

*Book summary – Rare ~~ Mrs. Ticklefeather was a very thin old lady with a good sized feather in her hat, and on her feet she had tall black shoes with plenty of buttons. She lived on the top floor of a terribly high building because the top floor is the best place for getting sunshine, and, Oh, what a good thing sunshine is for thin old ladies. When her pet puffin, Paul, goes missing, the elderly Mrs. Ticklefeather becomes very upset, but the next day Paul returns and brings with him a special gift that brings her great and unexpected happiness. Great illustrations in mid- century yet modern style.

“hope is the last thing ever lost.”

italian proverb

news to me.



my doormat without a sunday paper on it.

my very kind paper man

told me to just text him if i was ever missing a paper

 he would drive over to deliver it

i love the sunday paper and especially the crossword

love throwing open my door on a sunday morning

the paper patiently waiting for me on my door mat

love opening it

with a fresh cup of steaming coffee

and diving in

but alas

the day came

when it wasn’t there

 i sent a gentle text to my paper man

saying there was no sunday paper waiting for me today

 he very quickly responded to say –

that is because today is saturday.

ah, i thought.

en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Sunday

Sunday is the day of the week between Saturday and Monday.

Sunday is a day of rest in most Western countries, and a part of the weekend.

“time flows in strange ways on sundays.” 

haruki murakami

donuts at night.


this is an amazing turn of events. 

ann arbor’s washtenaw dairy has begun delivering doughnuts friday and saturday nights! they deliver from 9 pm to 2 am within a 3 mile radius of the dairy. depending on demand, the delivery time is 30-45 minutes. the minimum order is one dozen and at least 12 hours notice is needed for orders of more than 10 dozen. doughnuts are $9 a dozen, with a $2 delivery charge. call the dairy to order between 9 pm and 2 am.

“between the optimist and the pessimist, the difference is droll.

the optimist sees the doughnut; the pessimist the hole!”

– oscar wilde

i cannot believe you are leaving me like this after all we’ve been through together

just got a handwritten note from my newspaper deliveryman. he said he is ‘quitting the route to move on to something else’,  but that he’s enjoyed our years together. it’s all so sudden, and we have had such a rocky history, but i will miss our odd give and take. 
even though we never met each other, we’ve had many interactions over the years. because he is a man, and not a boy, he delivers from his car, early morning, and our ships pass each other in the night. he’s an interesting delivery guy, seems a bit on the lazy or crazy side, and i’d love to know his story. 
each morning, while it is still dark out, he drives by to deliver the paper. when delivering, he inevitably is a lazy/bad shot and tosses my paper to the end of my driveway where it slopes and collects water, snow, and whatever other debris that nature has chosen to deposit there.  i’ve emailed and called the paper various times to have them ask him to please just throw it closer to the house, or out of the water zone, etc.  his response time and again, has been to wrap the paper better and throw it 8-12 inches further up the drive.(i have done my mathematical calculations, and have figured out that by the time the next decade rolls around, it should be somewhat close to my house.)  he keeps this up for around 2 weeks generally, and then it’s back to the end of the driveway. one time, he actually drove further up the driveway and threw the paper, but backed into my wooden garden border on the way out, so he must have decided it wasn’t worth the high level of risk involved.
there are other times when he’s failed to deliver, or delivered late, and the local manager has had to deliver it himself or i’ve been credited, or he’s said that because there were so many ads, and it took him a long time to put it all together. it was always something with him, but i never gave up hope that over time, he would master the process. (plus he was the only one who delivered the paper in my area.)
even after all of this, one of our most memorable experiences has to have been the time i heard an early morning crash in front of my house. my first thought was that i had my car that i was selling parked out front and that the paperman was probably the only one out at that time of day. i soon saw blue flashing lights and answered a knock on my door. it was the police telling me that my paperman had rammed into my car, and that he was calling his paper to get advice. they said he was driving on the wrong side of the road, so that he could deliver the papers and had slammed into my car. now, a few questions went through my head – like why he didn’t notice a car in right in front of him?, was he still out partying from the night before?, etc. 
we looked across the dark, towards each other, and that is the closet we ever came to meeting. i called his paper, who agreed to pay for repairs and a rental car. he continued to be my paperman, and each christmas he’d enclose a card in one of the papers, wishing me a happy holiday, thanking me for my business, and enclosing a self-addressed envelope.  i’d always tipped him by mail when getting a bill, and at christmas i’d send him a bonus, as he’d grown on me after all these years, and in spite of his beyond horrible delivery style. and now, it is all over, with just a letter. it ended as suddenly as it all began. i will do my best to move on and i wonder what he has chosen to move on to. 
‘If there was no Black Sabbath, I could still possibly be a morning newspaper delivery boy. ‘ – Lars Ulrich