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my key fob missing its insides and screaming.

me looking for the insides of my key fob and screaming.

went to have coffee with my friend

locked up my car

put my key in my pocket

when i returned to the car

all i had left of my electronic key

was the empty screaming shell pictured above 

insides were nowhere to be found 

used the key/shell in the car door 

and the panic button screamed nonstop

with no electronics to turn it off

 until my car started

each and every time

a bit dumbfounded

as key fob was still in one piece

in my pocket

found a tiny screw missing in back

somehow it had

unscrewed itself

fallen out

opened itself up 

insides popped out

closed itself back up

and was empty 

like it never happened

interesting scenario

luckily i have daughters

with my keys all over the place

and my car has stopped screaming 

but my old key fob still looks upset. 

“the universe is like a safe to which there is a combination.

but the combination is locked up in the safe.”

-peter de vrie

credit: edvard munch – the scream

finding myself.




one saturday night in 2012, a search party was organized in iceland to hunt for a woman who had apparently failed to return to her tour bus. but the twist? she had. she became part of the search party looking for her, unaware that she was the subject of everyone’s concern.


the tour bus in question had stopped near iceland’s eldgja canyon and the woman in question took the opportunity to go freshen up and change clothes.

when she reboarded the bus, the rest of the passengers didn’t realize it was her. instead, they became alarmed that she’d gone missing. the driver waited for an hour before the police were called.
things escalated. a search of the area took place, joined by around 50 people, some in vehicles, many on foot. the coast guard was alerted, and the search went on for several hours.
it wasn’t until three in the morning that the truth became apparent: that the woman everyone thought was missing was actually helping them in the search. once she realized she was the missing tourist, she informed the police. the search was called off.
moral of the story? it’s always worth properly counting the number of people on a tour bus. no matter what they happen to be wearing.

“not only do I not know what’s going on,

i wouldn’t know what to do about it if i did”

 – george carlin 

credits: mentalfloss.uk

winning is habit. unfortunately, so is losing. – vince lombardi



it’s been a week filled with

lots of ‘lost’


some measure of ‘found’

lose one

find one

lose another

find something i wasn’t looking for

and didn’t know i was missing

and so it goes


cell phone


backup glasses

one earring

one shoe

retracing steps

using the sesame street approach

blending the good news with the bad


crossing fingers

voodoo chanting

all leading to

 mixed results




of this past time

as my way of life


 that at least i know

where my teeth are.

for now.

when christmas sweaters go really baaaaaaad.



       residents of omaha, nebraska saw something strange wandering their streets over the weekend: a sheep wearing a jolly christmas sweater. the festively-attired animal was captured by animal control and taken to the humane society. “here’s something we don’t see every day!” they posted on their facebook page along with a photo of the sheep. “if you’re missing a sheep that enjoys wearing christmas sweaters he’s here.”

       thankfully, the sheep—whose name is gage—has been reunited with his family. margaret, his owner, told NBC that gage is an indoor sheep and must have followed one of the family members out of the house and escaped from a fence that’s under construction. “i was looking for him, all worried for him,” she said. “it’s like losing my kid. i was all scared and didn’t know what to do.” the family has had gage for five months. “i’m glad he wasn’t eaten,” margaret said. “people eat these things this time of year.”

 “getting lost is just another way of saying ‘going exploring.”
― justina chen

credit: nbc omaha

one of those lazy, crazy, mazey days of summer



somehow, once again,  i found myself trapped and wandering through the rat maze that is ikea, and with my incredible lack of anything even resembling a vague sense of direction, it took on a whole new level. 

it’s definitely an extreme sports experience in itself, and after following the trail around and around, and eating a horse meat-laced meatball or two, and collecting lots of odd colorful plastic springsprongthingamajigs and blonde wood-ish items, i was left wondering what they were and what were meant to do. 

 i chose the items i did simply because they looked cool and really no other reason. and the fact that i felt like i had to get something so that i would be allowed to find my way out again. now that the olympic committee has dumped some of it’s current sports events, i’m considering proposing this whole experience to them for their consideration as an indoor winter sport.  maybe a better match for the x-games though?

along the way, i swear i saw people nervously look over their shoulders and skitter through what looked like secret shortcuts and potential passageways out, only to never return. possible slides right to the checkout line or the parking lot?

whew – i need a swedish cocktail, if only i could figure out if that glass thing i put in my giant blue plastic bag was meant to be used as a cup or oil change pan?


Worry compounds the futility of being trapped on a dead-end street. Thinking opens new avenues.

Cullen Hightower