it fell from the sky.


after last week’s surprise package of tempting treats

another food surprise arrived

 a couple of breakfast meals

seem to have fallen from the sky

right to my front door

this time delivered by grub hub 

with no address on the receipt 

delivered in the morning when i was at school

 huge portions of pancakes and eggs benedict

i’m sure they were hot and delicious when they arrived

another set of challenges to my healthy eating

testing my temptation limits

is my door the common delivery area for every address on my street?

what will appear next?

should i leave snacks and drinks out for all of the delivery people yet to come?

“when fortune knocks open the door.”


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  1. Some hungry soul with an address very similar to yours is going around muttering these days, Beth. What a mystery! Have you taken to that neighborhood social media platform you sometimes mention to post about the dilemma? Or is that too much localized sharing …

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    • it was 2 very different things, and the first delivery just had a messed up number in the address and had it redelivered to them. 2nd one was from a local restaurant and delivered by a local grub hub driver in the morning, when I would be at work.


    • it’s the weirdest situation, first one was just an address error, second an error as well, as I’m always at school on a weekday and anyone who knows me wouldn’t have ordered me 2 hot breakfasts to be left outside for 9 hours.

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    • it was 2 breakfasts and must not have been for me, as anyone who knows me, knows that I’m at school in the morning and probably wouldn’t have wanted it sitting outside for 9 hours) strangest thing

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  2. I have 2 thoughts Beth. Have you checked under your bed to see if you have a mystery roommate who likes to eat?
    And 2. We’ll I’ve honestly forgotten what 2 was???? Maybe if I had something to eat and my blood sugars came back up, I’d remember 😂

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