snow buddy.


a wonderful community initiative

happened in a nearby neighborhood

when they got together and purchased a ‘snow buddy’

anyone who is at least 18 can train and sign up

to take a turn clearing the sidewalks

each time it snows

all are welcome to take a shift

anytime i’ve seen someone

out in the snow buddy

they are always smiling

 i’ll bet the whole neighborhood is smiling.

“summer friends will melt away like summer snows, but winter friends are friends forever.”

– george r.r. martin

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  1. You can usually take the temperature of a neighborhood by the model of the house.
    A house with a front porch usually if not always indicates friendliness etc.
    Hot cocoa and cookies await with the smiles. 🙂

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  2. Where do I sign up? We guys like our big toys to play with. We’ve lived in the same house for 26 years, and I still like to mow the lawn on my riding mower. Move our Forest Gump—there’s a new sheriff in town.

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  3. There is good news out there and again it didn’t make the local news. Or did it? Brilliant. Thanks for sharing that bone chilling, heart warming story. It looks cold out there. We had to turn off the heat in our hotel and open the windows.

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  4. I love this! It makes me miss the neighborhood I used to live in. My neighbors and I used to clear each other’s driveways, and the guys with snowblowers used to race out to be the first ones to clear the sidewalks and driveways after a new snow.

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