ride along.


we pulled up at the same time

right next to each other

i got out

his family got out

he stayed in

we looked at each other

i said hello to him

his mom said

he insists on

riding along

on every journey

and refuses

to get out of the car

until they all get home

once again

he just loves to ride.

“i’m going along for the ride. the whole ride.

all the way to the end of the line. wherever that is.”

– al pacino in “carlito’s way – 1993


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  1. I had a friend whose dog was afraid of the backseat because he associated that with being taken to the pound and given away by owners, so he had to sit in the front seat. When she was driving, the dog was in the passenger seat, and the husband was in the back seat, people thought it was funny. When her husband was driving and my friend was in the backseat, he got a lot of mean stares from people thinking he gave priority to the dog over his wife.

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  2. My dog loves to ride along, too. Especially when itโ€™s time to pick up my daughter after band or some other activity. She especially loves it when we drive through Starbucks and gets a pupachino – she puts her feet up on the console and peers in…. Pavlovโ€™s dog indeed. Iโ€™d be lost without her and I think she knows it. Have a great day.

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