day 1

room 1

visited a pub

in a little village

filled with

friendly people

from near and far


slept above it

in a tiny room

while beautiful irish music 

kept on

playing below

dancing me into sweet dreams.

“i’m not afraid of chaos and i’m happy talking to strangers.

i really love not knowing where I’m going.”

-fiona shaw


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  1. Awesome post! I don’t know if I would be able to go on a solo adventure, but I’ve been trying to live outside of my comfort zone and, guess what? I’m still here, and I had fun! I can’t wait to hear more about your trip. I’m always amazed by your ability to use few words to convey so much so beautifully.

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  2. Enjoy, relax and have the best time EVER!!
    You aren’t writing “we” for this trip, Beth. Is this a journey on your own? I cannot imagine since California and other places were with friends or someone else.
    My youngest daughter’s boyfriend just left to go off out West to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a finding his next move and direction. I am always amazed when I hear of these choices. . . . I need to try this someday. 🙂

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