agreeable friends.


when walking on a path in the park today

i noticed 5 different dogs, with 4 different owners

coming from all directions

lots of jumping and friendly barking

wondering how they would all get along

 soon saw

it was a planned play date

a dog party

 so thrilled to see each other

immediately falling into joyful play

just like in one of my very favorite books

go, dog, go!

with the surprise dog party at the end.

(sorry for the too late spoiler alert)


“animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.”

-george eliot



image credit: p.d. eastman, ‘go, dog, go!,” random house publishing

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  1. My ‘Frankie’ always looks forward to catching up with his regular pals on our walkies, and when we visit the “Doggie Friendly” Box Office Cafe, he again catches up with even more of his pals … and of course, there is always plenty of doggie treats from his pals’ owners …

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  2. My sister and I used to meet up at the dog part so our three dogs could play. Sometimes another joined in (not family) and it would be okay. Other times, there would be some jealousy! Most times, simple fun.

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  3. Ella knows (almost) all the dogs in the neighborhood. So when I saw one walking with its owner I didn’t recognize, I called her to the window yesterday. Then another and another appeared. There was about 6 new dogs with owners walking. She wanted to go outside to say hello, but she was still in pajamas. Lol.

    Maybe it was a dog walking group? Who knows.

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  4. what a great day – so many dogs at one time! Came back from a visit and sat in the bus next to a young woman with a one year old shepard dog. One ear up, one folded down – I could have eaten him I was so much in love…. what a joyous thing!

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  5. Where I live, I find it a little sad when dogs don’t get to interact with each other, especially when it’s obvious they’re curious about each other. Our society can be so litigious, as well as protective of pets, that people play it safe and keep their animal companions away from others.

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  6. Yes dogs are the best! They can teach us about love, I mean really. Dogs are truly best friends. I can imagine the park scene. Their ears and tails. If only we can have these simple joyous times. We do but are we really?

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