read when right.


if like me

you find yourself

 collecting  more and more books to be read

never catching up

it’s time for a change in perspective

 relax and let your book guilt go. 

“think not of the books you’ve bought as a ‘to be read’ pile.

instead, think of your bookcase as a wine cellar.

you collect books to be read at the right time, the right place, and the right mood.”

-luc van donkersgoed




photo credit: food and wine magazine

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  1. I have not got a big wine collection (they don’t last long), but I do have 4 bookcases full of books yet to be read … your fabulous “quote” has provided me with a completely new positive “perception” of my bothersome untouched collection …

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  2. Thank you, Beth!
    I recently started packing up some of the clutter to bring to Good Will, but certainly none of the WWII ones!!!! I still have too large a library for one person!

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  3. From reading over other’s comments, it’s obvious that this post, and especially the quote, was something many of us needed! Us includes me, too, though I’ve largely moved on to my Kindle (which has over 500 books awaiting me and doesn’t take up space or need dusting!).

    I’ll be sharing your quote with my book group!

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  4. I’ve stopped buying books for the year as I had a bin waiting to be read and for myself, i’d rather “read & use” what I own before I bring on more. Then I can pass them on and collect more books after I’ve made a dent in my current collection. This is coming from a minimalist however.. so, *wink*

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  5. Great advice for me, Beth. I have 25+ unread books on my Kindle, plus at least 30 more on the bookshelf in hardback and paperback. Will I ever read them all? I don’t know. Can I stop buying them? Absolutely not. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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