“even if not one person read my blog, i’d still write it every day.” -seth godin


(a happy note from WP yesterday)

Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!

You registered on WordPress.com 11 years ago.

Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.

 thanks to all who have taken this flight with me

11 years in the blink of an eye

faster than the speed of write. 

“even at eleven, he had observed that things turned out right a ridiculous amount of time.”

-stephen king



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  1. If you’ve posted daily for 11 years, that means more than 4000 posts! Even if you haven’t posted daily for all of those years, your commitment to your blog is exceptional! Here’s to another 11 years of reading your always positive and entertaining posts!

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  2. Congratulations on your anniversary. I don’t remember when I started to follow you and read your blog, but it has been a while. Keep sharing your adventures and wisdom. You make the blogosphere a lot brighter. Peace.

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  3. Congratulations on your blogversary, Beth. 11 years, that’s quite a while! I cannot ever imagine no one would read your posts… no way!! So good to have you here and to be connected with you.

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  4. I’ve probably been with you from just about the time I started blogging (coming up on four years.) Your content and insights are what keep me coming back. Congratulations on your milestone.

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  5. Happy belated anniversary dear Beth
    To many more joyful encounters with the sweet, unexpected, thoughtful, crazy, fabulous…. what a great adventure you started and still continue to pursue day after day ❤️

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  6. Congratulations Beth. It’s quite the feat to do eleven years. I did it in October but you do it everyday and I only do it once or twice a month anymore. You have done an impressive job of research and teaching not only the children but us as well.

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