brace yourself.


how you smile when you first get your braces

after many years of delay

it was finally my time

to begin wearing

invisalign braces 

4 months in and 14 to go

a little bit of slurring

a lot of brushing

going to the ortho office

sitting in the waiting room

surrounded by 13-year olds

  we may have different things on our mind

but we have something in common as well. 


“i’m not going to miss wearing the braces very much.”

-america ferrera

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    • really not for cosmetic reasons, my lower teeth were doing damage to my upper teeth and would not end well unless i made an adjustment. i was happy not having perfect teeth )


  1. Aww, good for you! Don’t let it dull your smile 🙂

    But with invisalign, you have the gift of never being called tin teeth or brace face, or having your dad joke for two years about hooking you up to the TV for better reception…memories…lol!

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  2. All of my three went through it. They took it seriously and did not mind it too much since many kids wore braces. They know what they did it for. Most of all my daughter is very proud of her teeth!

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  3. I need to get braces on my bottom jaw to fix some damage that happened when my wisdom teeth came in, but I keep putting them off because they’re costly. I knew someone who had the Invisalign braces and they’re not obvious unless you’re really close. I wonder if they’re more cost-effective.

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  4. Haha – I like this. Our 19-year-old just finished with his aligners and is waiting for the retainer. He made the same comment about being the oldest patient. It’s such a great option for all ages, but yes, the talking takes some getting used to.

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