space is the breath of art. – frank lloyd wright



local skater boy

drives around

with his polar bear way up top

just like the north pole

i see him all over town


it makes everyone

who crosses paths with him

smile and turn or cheer or shake their heads

no one fails to react in some way

good or bad

isn’t that what the best art is meant to do?

the entertainment is in the presentation.
– john mctiernan

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  1. When you put it that way, I agree. As a Canadian (home of Polar Bears) I object to the caricature of a polar bear he is using. A real Polar bear would have him and his little car for lunch and still be hungry.

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  2. yes. spot on. the best art does make people react in some way, good or bad. no one wants their work ignored. even I get upset when a post I put up, that I put work into, is ignored.Occasionally I take it down to avoid the embarrassment oh having a dud post. I should perhaps have the courage of my convictions and leave it up

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