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laugh yoga.


the early days of laugh yoga.

 i recently received an email 

from a local group looking for members

(some of you may remember the ventriloquist’s group who tried to recruit me?)

well, this group is into laughter yoga therapy.

all i could think of was the memory

of my mother in assisted living

one of the only verbal (and opinionated)

people in her group.

one day when i was visiting

a therapist came in 

telling them they were going to try a new thing:

laugh yoga therapy

she rolled her eyes but went along 

once it was finished they asked her what she thought of it

her response: 

“that was the stupidest thing i’ve ever done.”

i’m not sure it had quite the effect on her that they’d hoped for

but her comment gave more than one of us a very good laugh.

the invite:

Metro-Detroit Laughter Therapy Club

The Concept of Laughter Yoga is based on the scientific fact that the body cannot differentiate between fake and real laughter~ Everyone wants health and happiness in their lives. But instead they are getting stressed out , depressed, getting less sleep, more negative thoughts and feeling isolated. Does this sound like you? Are you someone who wants to move on and bring more laughter and joy into…

“if people never did silly things nothing intelligent would ever get done.”

-ludwig wittgenstein 



image credit: wnyc

laughter is the sun.


as the snowfall arrives

there is a soft quiet

a world of white outside

while inside

 the cottage is filled with color 

 the center of the snow globe

 i’m clearly drawn to whimsical animal art

and yes,

that is the wing of a  peacock kite you see in the upper left corner.

“laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.”

-victor hugo



(not my sister but you get the idea)

my sister, p.

recently shared the following story

about her hair misadventure

and as sympathetic as i was

i could not stop laughing. 

and could totally identify. 

must have been nervous laughter

and gratitude that it wasn’t me. 

p. had gone to have her hair cut and styled

the very adept stylist easily cut it and blew it dry

with just a round brush


it emerged

into a full and lovely natural style. 

the next day

my sister decided that she could certainly do the same

so she armed herself with a blow dryer and big round brush

and had at it. 

only –

the brush got stuck

very stuck

absolutely stuck

tangled in both directions

and it was immovable. 

it was so bad

that she thought her only option

would be to cut it out

so she called the salon

explained the situation 

 they told her to come in for help

she drove through her small town

with the big round brush

still stuck on the side of her head 

parked her car

walked down the sidewalk

past the local businesses and people on the street

with it still stuck on the side of her head

and into the salon once more.

not surprisingly

they guessed her identity the moment she walked in

the salon was very busy

but not so busy that the staff and their customers

did not have time to guffaw and laugh out loud

unable to restrain themselves

people tried not to make eye contact

they walked her through the salon to the very back

where the staff took turns working on it

in between clients

until it eventually

was worked off of her head

one hair at a time. 

i totally get this. 

“so many tangles in life are ultimately hopeless that we have no appropriate sword other than laughter.”

-gordon w. allport

image credit: google images

have a ball.


i love her final gesture

and it made me give pause –

if i were to go today

i would leave behind the following things for others to enjoy:

$7.oo, a sock monkey, photographs, glitter, collage projects, letters and books.

i hope there is no fighting over the monkey.

“laughter is not at all a bad beginning for a friendship, and it is far the best ending for one.”

-oscar wilde

credits: getty images, mental floss

laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face. – vctor hugo



wok racing. 

one way for non-skiers

to enjoy winter sports.


in germany

each march

a mix of

b-list celebrities



3 million tv viewers

share in this great event.



sit in woks

strap ladles

to their feet




at speeds of

more than

60 mph.

Lena und Nadine Beiler: Deutsch-šsterreichisches ESC-Duell bei Raabs WOK WM Duell der NachbarlŠnder bei Stefan Raabs TV total WOK WM 2011?: Am 12. MŠrz kommt es auf ProSieben (20.15 Uhr) zum direkten Aufeinandertreffen der deutschen und der šsterreichischen Vertreterin beim Eurovision Song Contest 2011. Lena und Nadine Beiler treten im Rahmen der neunten ReisschŸsselweltmeisterschaft in Innsbruck/Igls mit ihren Grand-Prix-BeitrŠgen Taken by a Stranger und The Secret is Love live auf. Foto: © ProSieben / Willi Weber Dieses Bild darf bis 27.MŠrz 2010 honorarfrei fŸr redaktionelle Zwecke und nur im Rahmen der ProgrammankŸndigung verwendet werden. SpŠtere Veršffentlichungen sind nur nach RŸcksprache und ausdrŸcklicher Genehmigung der German Free TV Holding GmbH mšglich. Verwendung nur mit vollstŠndigem Copyrightvermerk. Das Foto darf nicht verŠndert, bearbeitet und nur im Ganzen verwendet werden. Es darf nicht archiviert werden. Es darf nicht an Dritte weitergeleitet werden. Bei Fragen: 089/9507-1166. Voraussetzung fŸr die Verwendung dieser Programmdaten ist die Zustimmung zu den Allgemeinen GeschŠftsbedingungen der Presselounges der Sender der ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG.

in 2014 

members of 

the jamaican bobsled team

took first prize.

credits: mzungovolunteers.org, reddit.com, mental floss, zazzle.com