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my key fob missing its insides and screaming.

me looking for the insides of my key fob and screaming.

went to have coffee with my friend

locked up my car

put my key in my pocket

when i returned to the car

all i had left of my electronic key

was the empty screaming shell pictured above 

insides were nowhere to be found 

used the key/shell in the car door 

and the panic button screamed nonstop

with no electronics to turn it off

 until my car started

each and every time

a bit dumbfounded

as key fob was still in one piece

in my pocket

found a tiny screw missing in back

somehow it had

unscrewed itself

fallen out

opened itself up 

insides popped out

closed itself back up

and was empty 

like it never happened

interesting scenario

luckily i have daughters

with my keys all over the place

and my car has stopped screaming 

but my old key fob still looks upset. 

“the universe is like a safe to which there is a combination.

but the combination is locked up in the safe.”

-peter de vrie

credit: edvard munch – the scream

until we meet again.


outback13-dash6 (1)

after a year

of owning

my car

and driving it

multiple times

most every day

i suddenly noticed


that it was

saying goodbye

to me

as i pulled into the garage

gathered my things


got ready to leave.

my message was

just a little colorful note

left on my dash

placed there

by the subaru’s

electronic heart


for some reason

i sighed



said goodbye back.

and now that i’ve seen it

i’m sure

we’ll be saying goodbye

each and every day

for many, many more years to come.

it’s time to say goodbye,

but I think goodbyes are sad and

i’d much rather say hello.

hello to a new adventure.

– ernie harwell