i’ve found myself

in an

ongoing battle of the wits

with the squirrels

who come to play in my yard

squirrel-crochet-pattern-by-squirrel-picnic (1)

and who

have recently


their games of




up a notch


rearranging the candles

IMG_0878 (1)

messing up the table

eating buds from

the bright green gardenia plant

just as it’s about to bloom

tearing down and making off

with the tiny flags


leaving nothing but

 a trail of snacks behind


i picture them holding secret meetings

inside the knothole

of the big tree out front

assigning jobs

creating new strategies



in their native squirrel language


how to

step up their game


i am

losing the battle




going to

 try to make friends with them


go undercover.

‘right now, we’re just trying to

beat the squirrels to the pine nuts.’

– arlene ward


image credits:,,, those darn squirrels



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  1. I approach our rampant squirrel problem with Christian praise…”Thank you Jesus that these animals have cute, fuzzy tails..because if they didn’t…they’d basically be aggressive, screeching, tree jumping rats with big front teeth and I’d never leave my home…amen.”


  2. Did you ever capture the squirrels’ antics and espionage, Beth. I loved this! The book is great and the photos with your local squirrels actual real mischief were terrific 🙂
    Good luck with making Peace and Friendship with those ” little hooligans!”

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  3. Just make sure they don’t get inside your house. That’s happened to me twice (unused chimney, since sealed) and those creatures can be incredibly destructive. I thought my house had been broken into based on the damage I saw when I got home.

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  4. The squirrels in our area have mistaken the screen over our lanai for a speedway. If they stop and perch on it to eat something, I might try to chase them away. One just looked at me as if to say, “Really? Just who do you think you are?”

    Good luck, Beth. 😉

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