things that go bump in the night.


a021081such a chilly night

that i

ran up

the stairs

 to my


loft bedroom

with the

slanted ceilings

and i


so happy

to be there

that i

jumped into bed

just like

in the movies

with piles of

warm soft blankets



waiting for me



my head

went first

and i

jumped into

the slanted ceiling


then i

fell into bed

holding my head

and wondering

would i

wake up?

and i

 saw a few stars

though i

 don’t have a skylight

so i

wrote down

two questions

to ask myself

to check on


potential concussion

who is the president?

what is your name?

that’s what

they always ask

in the movies

but i


to wake up

to ask them of myself

and i


to write down the answers


would i

ever know

if i

got them right?


that i

do know for sure


that i

woke up


a  giant bump

of some kind

on my head

don’t let your head get in the way of your hearts direction…

– daniel engelbrecht


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  1. You’re obviously okay, since you wrote this post. But OW! And FYI you are NOT a sheep and the chicken is not a bump on your head, so no worries:) I LOVE this picture so very, very much. I would definitely hand it somewhere and smile every time I saw it:) Wonderful. Hope you feel okay. Ow, again. P.S. If you answered George Washington when remembering the president, go to the ER immediately.

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  2. I feel your pain, Beth …. I conk myself on the head, stub my toe, whack my elbow, etc. on a regular basis. Usually when I’m in a hurry. It’s a not-so-pleasant reminder to slow down!

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  3. Excuse me for taking liberties with our “blogging friendship”, but surrrrrre we believe you that that’s how you got the bump on the head in the bedroom. 😉 (If “ksbeth” was the answer to both of your concussion questions, I think the country would be a better place than with a lot of the candidates we have to choose from these days, by the way)

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  4. Obviously the way to tell is not just make up some questions to ask your post-concussion self, but also make up some answers (“What was the first President of Canada?” “Ron Mael of the band Sparks!”), and leave the answers written on the back side of the page so you can check whether you got it right after all.

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  5. Oh, Beth, sorry you saw stars in your loft bedroom without a starliight built in. That bump looks very fowl! But you don’t sound too sheepish about your condition now. Please from now on look before you leap, my friend. I do like your two questions, Bush and Beth, right? Clinton? Oh, Bama! And I didn’t even clout my coconut. I also like your concept of leaping into a pile of warm. 🙂

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  6. You wrote this so well, Beth. I used to have an attic bedroom, sometimes my glasses didn’t give me good depth perception. So sorry about the bump on your head. I was laughing, if you asked yourself the questions, how would you know if you had a concussion— if they were right? !! so funny and true!


  7. I noticed a few other comments, individuals kindly showing compassion for your stars without the skylight … But I think its pretty wild that you were able to the see stars without the skylight. WOW. It fits with you and your writing, so creative and so “out-of-the-house” (or is it “box”?) Imagery is good, here, although I am seeing more of a “swan dive”, not a jump. Work on your approach, Beth.

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  8. Love this, love the description of the bedroom under the roof and your wonderful quirky hunour. (Wasn’t so keen on the few-words-to-a-line layout, but that’s me) Everything else – including the sheep – was bang on perfect. ouch!

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