will is to grace as the horse is to the rider. – saint augustine



the tiniest riders

babies r and v

numbers 16 and 8

get ready for their show

and then

with no fear

and great excitement


off they go


on their trusted steeds


and home again safely


with  blue ribbons

and happy hearts

care, and not fine stables, makes a good horse.
– danish proverb

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    • What inspired the names of Will and Grace?
      Creator David Kohan was inspired by a quote from Jewish theologian Marin Buber’s I and Thou, “You need the will to pursue a relationship with God, and the grace to receive it.” The quote describes two complementary elements of faith, and David thought they would be great names in a story with two complementary people.

      (see above), kerbey )

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  1. This is such a beautiful experience for those children and so glad you had great weather! I wonder when the man who named the t.v. show, had heard this expression, then decided to use Will and Grace?
    Oh, we used to take the little special needs and typically developing children to a place called, “Flying Horses,” which helps with therapy for the autistic children along with everyone having a ‘blast’ while there. I liked the use of ‘steeds’ in your description, Beth! So Fun!!

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    • we were so lucky in so many ways on that day, robin. i sent the answer to the ‘will and grace’ name to kerbey, above, if you have the time to read it. i love the therapy aspect of horses and think that everyone could benefit from the interaction with them, robin. –


  2. So cute and such good idea to have them on board the horses before they were afraid.Hjorses and people seem to be able to thnk together when all is good. Awesome experience for kids.

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