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  1. I’M SO HAPPY YOU SAID THAT!!!!!!!!!!! So many kids today don’t even know what it IS to play. Their lives are so controlled and regulated, every second accounted for and constantly under the watchful eyes of adults who give instructions, determine right from wrong, manipulate and demand. Blah. How truly awful. I feel so sorry for kids today and I can clearly see the results of what having everything done FOR them, has allowed them to become. Sad. Some children have no free time at all. No time to experiment and learn anything but someone else’s rules.

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  2. Not sure if it was Piaget, or someone else who was a giant in child development, who said, “Play is children’s work.” Sad state of affairs, and misguided, to think that electronics and overscheduled lives are good for children. Thanks for the topic, Beth.

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