remember you are just an extra in everyone else’s play. – franklin d. roosevelt


i love the casting call 

for the latest

group of extras


for a film

being shot locally. 

though i don’t have the look of

a sketchy male or a crack head ,

 i could easily be

a gawker or neighborhood folk.

good to know.

The first day for extras on Destined is Wednesday.
The extras rate on Destined will be $65.20/8hrs with OT after 8hrs.
(All must be 18+ with a valid photo ID)

I am looking for 8 “Neighborhood Folk” and 2 “Sketchy Males” on Wednesday.

On Thursday, I’ll need 2 “Gawkers” (Available on the 6th and 25th), a couple of “Crack Heads”, and a few more “Neighborhood Folk”.

A new Availability Form has been posted for the first few days on Destined.
Please fill it out if you are 100% available for the dates listed.

And please email—– with current pics (include your name) and “Destined Extras” in the subject.
 Thank you

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  1. Nice! I remember all the calls for extras when they were filming “Lincoln” over by work. A lot of my coworkers got bit parts. Sadly, metal braces weren’t common for women to have on their teeth during that time period so I wasn’t in the movie 🙂

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    • i was in a commercial once, one of 200, for the michigan film commission. we did a psa in support of dollars for film projects in our state- the message was successful, so all good. fun day too.


  2. I do believe you are overqualified for Neighborhood Folk and underqualified for Gawker and unqualified for Crack Head, Beth. And I hate to be The KillJoy, but I do believe that big-buck rate is per 8 hours, not per hour. If I were there, I’d still be interested in most of the roles. 🙂

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  3. We have fairly regular casting calls in Richmond as it is becoming increasingly popular for location shoots. “Lincoln” was filmed here and it was a madhouse downtown when they cast for it. I decided to give the others their shot at stardom and stayed home.

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  4. I was just about to correct Jaded1 on the hourly rate, but Mark beat me to it. That would be a blast to play any of those roles…I think it’s goin’ on my Life List (aka Bucket List.) Fun post, thanks Beth! 🙂

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  5. Didn’t you wander on to a set in your town another time? You were in a café or something, Beth? You have the cutest, quaint location where many films wish to do their movies. I would go and try, sorry this is late to comment on this! Smiles and enjoy the movie set, or tryouts if you go!

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    • wow, you have such a good memory for details, robin. yes, i wandered smack dab in the middle of a scene they were shooting for ‘the five year engagement,’ while meeting up with a date. i’ve done my extra bit in a commercial, and had fun, and who knows when the mood will strike again? )


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