bandaids are the hot item in my classroom

after a number of kinder came up to me asking for one

pleading their case

(many with very old ‘wounds’)

we gathered together

as they each shared

their personal tale of woe:

i got scraped, the paper cut me, it’s red like blood,

you can’t see it, but it’s ouch-y, something poked me,

my sister, something in my pocket did it, nail polish came off of one nail,

bandaid from home is falling off….

we finally got to our last person, who stated:

“this happened to me on the next day after tomorrow.”

“life takes guts.” 

 -lucille ball

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  1. “The next day after tomorrow” truly tickled my funny bone! They didn’t have such cute band-aids when I was growing up, and preceding the band-aid might be mercurochrome if any skin was broken. Now I want to join the group and get a fancy band-aid or two!

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  2. I often buy (on the quiet) band aids with child-friendly designs on it. When one needs one, one also needs this tiny happy moment of having a childish cover. It makes the wound better immediately, I am proof of it.

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  3. I can envision the scene perfectly. Maybe bandaids will become the new tattoos. “This happened to me the next day after tomorrow.” 🤣🤣🤣

    The popular form of medicine in my room was the ice pack, which became the go-to move for just about any problem. Kids left the room so frequently in my room for every “ailment” under the sun. Eventually, I got the brilliant idea to get a mini refrigerator filled with ice packs to avoid having them leave the room so much. You never saw so many kids get “hurt.”

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  4. We didn’t have coloured band-aids (we call them sticking plasters) when I was young. They were flesh-coloured thick material that was not waterproof. And it really hurt when you peeled them off. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  5. At one point I’d bought a big box of Avengers band-aids for my son, and it was all we had. I can’t remember what I did, only that I had to walk around as a seemingly competent adult with and Avengers band-aid on for a couple of days. It made me laugh every time I looked at it. 🙂 My son was also adorably empathetic that mommy needed to use one of his band-aids.

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