24 hour theater.


what an unforgettable time

 my grandson spent

with his schoolmates

helping to create

an original play in 24 hours

writers, actors, stage crew, director, light crew, props, costumes, staging, sound

it was a such a joy to see it all come to life on the stage.

“the theatre is so endlessly fascinating because it’s so accidental. it’s so much like life.”

-arthur miller

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  1. Think of the life skills they learned doing this production! Perhaps none will enter the professional of theatrics, but group cooperation is necessary whatever one does!
    Sadly lacking in many adults today.

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  2. What an incredible feat to issue as a challenge to school students! I expect it took a lot of communication and compromise and those are tools they need for all things in life! And parents and grandparents got to swell with pride and there is a memory they can all share together that is pretty meaningful!

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    • Most of their performances are like that, and every moment is needed for sure. This was a special project to see what they could do with it an try pulled it off and had fun


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