flashdance. one more time.



repost below from 5 years ago, now the 40th anniversary of this film

35 years ago ‘flashdance’ was released

and it emerged again recently

in honor of international dance day

 i loved this movie

 had the shoes, the ripped up sweatshirt, the perm

though my dancing style

was a bit different  

from this welder by day/dancer by night

and i didn’t live in a cool loft

or have an eccentric dog

or ride my bike to work

or look at all alike

but other than that

we were like sisters.

Take your passion and make it happen! #InternationalDanceDay

“let us read and let us dance –

two amusements that will never do any harm to the world. “




image credit: paramount pictures, jennifer beals

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  1. I saw the film on release, and really enjoyed it. I have never watched it again since, but now I want to.
    Film trivia: In some dance sequences, they used a double for Jennifer. One double was a male dancer. 🙂
    ‘One of the professional dancers who doubled for Jennifer Beals during the iconic audition scene at the end of Flashdance was actually a man. Richard “Crazy Legs” Colón was drafted in to perform the breakdancing elements of the routine which were too difficult for Jennifer’s two regular body doubles.’
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I loved this movie, too. How many of us did that fast two-step, running thing (since there is no way we could bust the other moves)? I remember when a former boyfriend would groan when he heard one of the songs from the album as his neighbour really, REALLY loved it and played it on a loop. He was not a fan…

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  3. Oh what a great movie. Has it really been that long? I remember coming out of the movie theatre dancing with my friends. Of course we all had our off-the-shoulder shirts, leg warmers, and those heavy earrings that made our earlobes bleed. It was a different era filled with simple fun and good energy. Thanks for awakening that memory. 🌸

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  4. That is so funny. Flash dance was mine too. I was a young teacher when it came out and I also saw it at a drive in. I want my daughter to watch it with me but she has no interest.

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  5. Almost identical twins!
    I worked with Jennifer on a movie I did the costumes for. She was a ton of fun.
    It was civil war days. I had her in a hoop skirt. She did some flash dance for us in the beauty trailer. The hoops were boyoyoinging up and down. We laughed for days.

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