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blockbuster or bust.


it was ladies’ night at my friend’s house

we had a bit of wine and chat and lots of laughter

the hostess suggested that we should get a movie

and try as she might

she could not remember its name

but it was ‘really good’

couldn’t remember the main stars

‘but we would recognize them immediately’

she put in a call to blockbuster

where they had every current movie

 the kind person/movie nerd at the store

answered the phone

the experts were standing by

 to help her figure out the title

when we heard her explain

that it was really good

had 2 popular stars

and a 3-word title

beginning with the word ‘the’

we absolutely lost it

the poor person on the phone

worked for 20 minutes

trying to jog her memory for more details

finally giving up and apologizing

now, that’s customer service

i really miss blockbuster

something about the excitement

going to pick out a movie

families, couples, friends, singles

taking turns and negotiating

hoping the one you really wanted was still there

so much comedy and drama all in one place.

“vague questions deserve vague answers”




4 of the 6-pack taking their turn in group charades.

6 of the 6-pack will have different memories of thanksgiving.


“it’s like your children talking about holidays,

you find they have quite a different memory of it from you.

perhaps everything is not how it is, 

but how it is remembered.”

-denis norden



i had just recently become a pre-teen

this was the

top hits playlist

of the week

on our local station

i can hear most of them still in my mind

how things change in half a century

how they stay the same. 


“music is the soundtrack of your life.”

-dick clark




i held this gift of a tiny origami star

made from a square of beautiful paper

admiring it in my hand for a time

knowing it will be held in my memory

for a long time to come.




don’t forget.


what a lovely coincidence

that on this day

as i continue on my city parks journey

and drive through a neighborhood

i am lost


i come to the intersection of

pamela and patricia

the names of

my two sisters

one still with us

 one gone forever

and today –

her birthday

i look ahead to find

they’ve led me

to the beautiful park right in front of me.

“don’t forget to leave your handprints on the ones you love

and your footprints around the neighborhood.”
― lisa c. miller

a surprise trip down memory lane.



my friend of many years posted the following memory on his facebook page last night, triggering my own memory of our personal brush with bowie. many thanks for this, les.

“So, it had to be the mid eighties and I’m at the Metropolitan Music Cafe in Royal Oak at the corner of 4th and Lafayette. It was a beautiful warm sunny day and I’m talking to Beth K( she worked there at the time ).

Lord have mercy ! who comes walking in. Iggy Pop and David Bowie. Turns out Iggy and David were in town on tour together and Iggy was promoting his new album at the cafe.

David and his gorgeous blonde date headed upstairs for a bite to eat  ( Mr. Bowie didn’t want to take away any attention from Iggy while they were there.)
I waited and waited for Bowie to leave, and when he finally did I ran out the door behind him following he and his date to his car.
as they were getting in, he looked at me and said, ” Hi how are you?” I shook his hand and said, ” Thank you for all the countless hours of listening to your music. ” He replied, ” Thank you very much I appreciate that. I love Detroit ” True story folks. RIP David Bowie and thank you for that moment.”



image credit: pinterest.com