don’t forget.


what a lovely coincidence

that on this day

as i continue on my city parks journey

and drive through a neighborhood

i am lost


i come to the intersection of

pamela and patricia

the names of

my two sisters

one still with us

 one gone forever

and today –

her birthday

i look ahead to find

they’ve led me

to the beautiful park right in front of me.

“don’t forget to leave your handprints on the ones you love

and your footprints around the neighborhood.”
― lisa c. miller

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  1. Lovely, Beth. So sorry about the loss of your sister. We can’t help but think of them on their birthdays, can we? We must think of them on their birthdays, and much more frequently too. Yesterday was the birthday of my sister who passed 22 years ago. I wished her a happy birthday many times throughout the day. Her life was tragic and short (36).

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  2. isn’t nice that life has so many intersections that connect and keep us connected to the past and even the present. Happy Birthday to your Sister which ever it may be. I love the quote and also that you were lost and then it opened up and there was the beautiful park right where you needed it to be. I think that was a little heavenly help don’t you? ❤ ❤

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