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give what you have.


found this sweet surprise

waiting for me in my mailbox

a very old tiny sleigh with a handwritten letter

from a neighbor i’ve never met

who’s lived nearby for over 50 years

she left it for me to add to my fairy garden

when the season is right

she took the trouble to repaint the sleigh

and write me this lovely note

wanting to visit the garden

but too shy to stop by to see it up close

it was such a kind and thoughtful gesture

i wanted to thank her and figured out where she lived

then wrote her a long letter back

to let her know

how much i enjoyed her special gift

and what it meant to me

i really hope that we meet in person in my garden one day.

“give what you have. to someone, it may be better than you dare to think.”
― henry wadsworth longfellow




“books give a soul to the universe, wings to the mind,

flight to the imagination, and life to everything.”


i stopped over to surprise

little grandie b

on her birthday

brought my gift

gave her a flower

shared a hug


she asked

if she could read to me

i had ‘read’ with her

just months before

when she pretended to read

a chapter book

imitating readers

she had seen and heard

excited to be like one of them

but today

she opened a book

read me every word

her little brother


“i don’t know how it happened.

but she can just read now.”

i told him

” it is magic.”

i was in awe of her


this surprise gift of magic

that she gave to me on her sixth birthday.

“once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”

– frederick douglass


welcome to my fairy garden, one and all.



nothing i love better

than to see

children, adults, pets, families




on foot

on bicycles




being carried.

stopping by

to pay a visit

to the fairy garden

in all four seasons.




bringing gifts

acting out stories

taking tokens

noting changes

moving things

telling secrets

making memories

leaving special things behind.

spending a little quiet time

with the fairies

before they head

back into life 

in a 

busy grown-up world. 

child of the pure, unclouded brow
and dreaming eyes of wonder!
though time be fleet and I and thou
are half a life asunder,
thy loving smile will surely hail
the love-gift of a fairy tale.
– lewis carroll

that special something…



 this is certainly 

the gift that just keeps on giving. 

thanks so much for

the ceramic cowgirl boot vase.

i have never owned one,

let alone know how much i needed one.

it truly has found its place

in my cottage

this holiday season,

mini static-ridden styrofoam balls and all.

it will soon hold a place of honor 

as the centerpiece

at our upcoming

badass bookclub brunch and board meeting.

after that, 

who knows 

where it may go?

this boot is made for walkin’.

a gift of mischief and mayhem and love all rolled into one



found this old book of love that my daughters had given me for my birthday more than a decade ago. i laughed out loud all over again, at their kind and loving and humorous approach to life. no one had much money, but this book was worth everything. they spoiled me with offers of flowers and treats and reluctant shared experiences and pampering (even though they signed up their third sister who was out of the country for this task).  here are some of the coupons found within:









Children make your life important.   –Erma Bombeck