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what a charming little cottage

i never stop smiling

in moments spent wandering through a toy store

such a lucky find –

a good humor man golden book 

and what better hosts to greet us?

 “i have a lot of growing up to do. i realized that the other day inside my fort.”

zach galifianakis


the dollhouse and toy cottage, plymouth, michigan, usa

summer 2021




grandies j & b make tough decisions. 


in the end

it was

the magic collapsable cup and the fairies

that won them over.

both are helpful in emergencies


you never know when you will need them.

brilliant choices.

“you know, in life there are only three or four

fundamental decisions to make.

the rest is just luck.”

-raymond aubrac

unhappy meal?




took grandie j to get a kiddie meal


it came in this creepy bag.

it seemed an odd choice

for young children.

how many kids are terrified of this?

or their grandmothers? 

i really did try to cover up my fear. )

“where the fear is, happiness is not.”

– seneca (4 BC-65) roman philosopher and playwright.

going for the gold.


n-LEGO-large570 LEGO bricks may not come in floral prints or white wicker textures, but that hasn’t stopped golden girls enthusiasts from making their desire to see dorothy, rose, blanche, sophia—and yes, even stan—turned into tiny plastic playthings.

as part of the LEGO Ideas initiative, in which fans submit and vote on each other’s proposals for new LEGO sets, samuel hatmaker (a “lifelong LEGO fan who works in product development and marketing and goes by the handle lostsleep) has put forth a proposal for a mashup that would reconstruct the foyer, living room, and kitchen of the ladies’ fictional florida bachelorette pad. but with a quirky, fourth wall-breaking touch: the house would be constructed as a television set, with one wall removed.

even with 343 days left to go in the voting process, The golden girls lego set has already gotten the thumbs up from 10,000 supporters—the total number needed in order for LEGO to take the idea seriously.

next up is a LEGO Review, in which a team of designers and marketers evaluate its viability in the marketplace. if that goes well, the product goes into production to be sold around the world, with the creator earning both royalties and bragging rights.

“i have re-created many classic scenes from the show,” hatmaker explains, “including a visit from burt reynolds, rose shooting blanche’s vase, dorothy playing ‘grab that dough,’ and rose rescuing her teddy bear from a mean little girl.” clearly, the details of this proposed play set are in the hands of a true aficionado. which means that he did not forget the cheesecake.


credits: jennifer m. wood, mental floss magazine, lego ideas photo

one child’s teddy bear is another’s stuffed virus.



by far the most unique cuddly toy brought in by one of our kindergarteners today

 Pneumonia (Streptococcus pneumonia) Educational Plush Toy

‘Those big cute eyes betray a deadly virus – pneumonia kills a lot of people each year.

Ask your doc about it.’


and the company’s sales’s pitch:

Giant Microbes And Viruses Plush Toys Make Great Stuffed Animals Gifts

Just in time for flu season… Or in time to educate people about other nasty viruses and microbes…
Do you ever think about what those viruses and bacteria look like? They may make us sick every now and then – and hopefully not too sick (or too often). Whether you have a case of the sniffles or a bout of the “stomach flu” – there’s usually a bug behind it.’

‘And as it turns out, some of them are awfully cute, at least in their stuffed animal plush toy versions! The folks from Giant Microbes have created a whole line-up of the tiny guys – blew them up to about 1 Million times their “normal” size, and turned them into some of the cutest plush animals around.
Whether you want giant plush viruses or bacteria, or whether you want any one of a whole bunch of other micro-organisms, they’ve got you covered.’


“remember when you used to sleep with all of your stuffed animals as a child

so none of them would be jealous?”

 – unknown author

credits: squidoo.com, giant microbes and viruses plush toys

the cat came back. and just won’t go away. and is still coming back.



a few years back, when he was still a wee lad, grandbaby m came all the way from australia to visit for the holidays. we bought a crazy pile of used toys for him to play with, knowing he’d have to leave most of them behind, and planned to donate them back for other kids to enjoy, upon his return home. he was very fascinated by animals – cats in particular, at this stage of his life. while here, he played with real cats, and halloween cats, and we bought him knit cats, cloth cats, stuffed cats, and then – the mechanical cat.

imagine our surprise, after we purchased this cat,  when we discovered, it was just not an ordinary stuffed cat, but it had a place for batteries inside it’s belly, hidden under it’s mangy, ratted, orange fur. m took to this cat immediately, and loved to sit with it and play with it and carry it around.  the adults, on the other hand, began to become a bit freaked out by it the longer it was around. it had a peculiar habit of moving once in a while, in no particular interval of time, and quite often, it seemed to turn it’s creepy head and stare right at us. (chucky’s feline counterpart in my opinion).

we were all a bit relieved and happy when he took to this creature, figuring it would be traveling home down under with him, never to cross our paths again. imagine our surprise once more, when we discovered they had left it behind, hidden in the house for us to find. we put it back out for a while, under the tree, as it continued to move at will and make eye contact with us from time to time. once the holidays were over, i thought it might be funny to pack it up and bring it out at christmas the next year. i packed it up with the other holiday stuff and forgot about it. 

when the next year came, i wrapped it up and offered it as my ‘white elephant’ gift, one that some innocent family member would receive as a lucky surprise. another daughter chose this package, and not knowing, opened it, and there was a collective gasp from the group, as everyone remembered it from the year before. she was a good sport and reluctantly kept it for the year, only to do the same thing to some other unsuspecting relative at our next christmas celebration.

each year now, as is our new tradition, the person who ‘won’ it the year before, brings it back, elaborately wrapped and disguised, waiting to pass it on. each person reports that it does odd and creepy things when they have it – moving at will, making rustling sounds at night, and of course, the staring. each person has used their own strategy to deal with it. one combed its hair out, – trying to get on its good side, some have hidden it, left it in the box, or taken its batteries out. each year, it comes back, rattier, and mangier, and shows its age a bit more, yet it still instills a bit of illogical terror in all of us. this year, it could come back wrapped in a flat-screen tv box, or in a beautiful gift bag, just biding its time, until it once again goes home with someone – and it waits quietly for someone to forget and open it, the year’s winner. 


and i don’t even own a giant pipe –



while some might see this as a cheap way of getting out of buying a new toy, felix sees it otherwise. instead of going to the store, he took his giant pipe cleaners and created his own new stuffed friend, ‘crazyanimal’ and they are very happy together. 

‘your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions’ – albert einstein