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slip ‘n slide.


in this heat wave

thinking back to the time

when i decided to

slip ‘n slide with my daughters

waited my turn

zoomed up to it

head first, arms ahead

ready to slide for miles

balked at the last second

backside first, head followed

slammin’ instead of slidin’

 didn’t end up cooled down and filled with joy

did end up concussed and filled with regrets.

“you always say, ‘i’ll quit when i start to slide,’ and then one morning you wake up and realize you’ve done slid.”

-sugar ray robinson (american professional boxing champion)




when hanging outside with a couple of my grandies,

we talked as they worked on creating pictures

taken from online designs

very, very carefully selecting each tiny bead to put into place 

i thought it would be a good time to tell them about my cat, olive

who loves to pounce on the jigsaw puzzles on my table

when she finds me in the midst of them

i also thought i would do a mini dramatic recreation of how it all happens

as i pretended to be olive, bouncing my hand on the table

i apparently was a little too into my role

 when i hit the table

we all froze for a few seconds

after noticing that all of their hard work

had just been destroyed in the course of my acting.

great recovery though

as i apologized

we all laughed and laughed and laughed at what happened


that while it would take a long time to rebuild their designs

we also also knew

that life can be so instantly funny sometimes. 

“the more you find out about the world, the more opportunities there are to laugh at it.”

– bill nye

little ponies.


with the return of the beautiful weather

it seemed like a good time

to also return to shorter pants and smooth legs 

in my enthusiastic state

no need for directions

no need for glasses

i quickly replaced the blade cartridge in my razor

tried it, and nothing. 

looked more closely and realized 

i had put it on upside down

so rather than

fixing it and turning it the right way

my go-to move

was to go in the opposite direction

shaving from ankle to knee

with great results


i noticed some blood

apparently this technique

is not quite as efficient and gentle

as i had imagined

then there was even more blood

and more


i had my little pony bandaids at the ready

patched up all my places that needed patching

 set off for my walk

thanks, ponies 

luckily i am not a barber.



“education is when you read the fine print. experience is what you get if you don’t.”

-pete seeger


“just because I’m a lady doesn’t mean that I cannot handle myself in a sticky situation.”

– Rarity the Little Pony from the “Dog and Pony Episode”


grounds on the ground.


when the coffee falls

right as everything is ready

water boiled

waiting to be poured

about to brew 

soon to be sipped

it becomes precious

 so you laugh or cry or both.



“The coffee was never served. It boiled over, spattered them all,

and wet a costly tablecloth and the baroness’s dress.

But it served the end that was desired for it gave rise to many jests and merry peals of laughter.”

― Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina



along the way on my weekday drive

there is often a traffic mishap or accident

and if I begin to worry about being late

or get annoyed by the hold up

  i think about how the person/people involved must feel

how their life instantly changed in that moment

they were just having an ordinary day

and then

this happened

maybe they were

headed to work

to visit someone

leaving for a vacation

going to a celebration

helping someone

so many possibilities

 i’ve got no room to complain 

 nothing to worry about

puts it all right back into perspective

so i listen to my music and sit with my gratitude.


“since human wisdom cannot secure us from accidents,

it is the greatest effort of reason to bear them well. “

-john paul jones







image credit: wellandgood.com

out of the woods.


a bit ironic

that the man who was installing my wood flooring

showed up at my house

on the second day of work

looking rough

telling me how he had helped his friend

take down a dying tree in his yard

only to be knocked out cold and hit in the ribs

by a wayward giant branch

a piece of wood

that did not fall into place as planned.

I suggested he take the day off

to go to the doc or for some r&r

 to come back and finish

whenever he felt better.

glad he took me up on my offer

and left for the day.

shows something about his work ethic

that he showed up

the very next day

prepared to work as hard as ever.

his comment –

” I know I look like I’ve been hit by a tree, but I’m okay,

it’s not the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.

lots of people have it a lot worse.”


“as you slide down the banister of life,

may all the splinters be going in the right direction.”

– author unknown



image credit: travelocity. com




i parked along a beautiful winding road

walked a few hundred feet

 to find this unmarked path

winding its way in switchbacks

all the way up to the top of this park

with natural steps made of roots and branches

and proceeded to climb

in my new shoes

1/2 size larger than the 1st pair that i’d worn out

now a size 6 1/2 instead of a solid 6

it was my first time out in them

and quickly found that

i was not yet used to the extra bit of shoe

suddenly it felt like i was walking in

giant slippery clown shoes or snorkel flippers

it was awkward

i kept kicking things

lots of near misses

almost tripping over things

until i finally really tripped on a large tree root

way up high

and found myself sliding

all the way back down to the bottom of the hill

like a scene from an old spaghetti western

i’m sure i yelled out something


stopping again right back where i’d started

near the beautiful road

where a cyclist happened to be riding by

who stopped to see if i was okay

 just a bit dusty and surprised really

 i stood up once more

and used my giant paddle feet to climb again

this time making it all the way to the top and into the park

none the worse for wear

and i am happy that i was not hiking in the grand canyon.

“here at the fountain’s sliding foot, / or at some fruit tree’s mossy root, /

casting the body’s vest aside, / my soul into the boughs does glide.”

-andrew marvell

kuebler langford park, ann arbor, mi, usa


*on the other hand.



(not me, just a low-budget re-enactor)

when my garage door opener stopped opening

the garage door opener guy came over to check it out

his prognosis:

  it was going to need to be replaced

 it was quickly wearing out and about done.

when i asked if it was like when your grandma is slowing fading away

he said:

“grandma is dead.”

with that, he disconnected it

told me that i would acquire new muscles

opening and closing it by hand each day

until i got a new opener system.

i figured i could put it off for a few days and then deal with it

but life interfered 

as it so often does. 

this morning

as  i was headed out for the day

 i grabbed the door to close it


four fingers of my hand

somehow got stuck in the folding panels of the door as i rolled it down 


 i yelled out and quickly sprung into action

  used my other hand to open it back up 

fueled by superhuman (sort of) strength and adrenaline

to save the hand that felt like

it was being painfully crushed by an angry gorilla.

with teeth.

 on caffeine.

i saw myself in a precarious position

with no time to waste


james franco

in “127 hours” 

where he had to use his dull pocket knife to saw off his arm

that was wedged between boulders in order to save his own life.


(james, before he sprung into action)

once i freed my hand

i surveyed the damage

four squeezed fingers

with deep scarlet creases

swollen and throbbing

but all parts still there

good news. 

i drove with one hand to the home improvement store


walked to the back

found a wonderfully friendly worker who turned and said

“follow me to the wall and i hope i won’t be moving too fast.”

to which i replied:

“well, you do have an advantage.”

his response –

“really? i am in a wheelchair and you are walking on two legs.”

okay, so yes. 

didn’t think of that.

put my little mishap into perspective.

he turned and smiled and said:

“i’m  just kidding, but i am in a wheelchair.”


and that was it

he was great

we talked about his kids and school and teaching and accidents

the new stuff is ordered and the guys will be here this week to put it all in.

in the scheme of things

not too bad

not like the time i broke my toe dancing in the house and kicked the bathroom door when leaping.

or the time i sprained my foot playing family extreme badminton barefoot.

or the time i got my fingers caught in the hand mixer

when i was trying to pull out the beaters and it was still plugged in. 

or the time i_______ (fill in the blank here numerous times)

no, not like those times. 

but i’m thinking i should maybe ask for a pocket knife for mother’s day.

*disclaimer: this blog post was written with my ‘other hand’ and i am not responsible for errors.

“they’re funny things, accidents. you never have them till you’re having them.”
― a.a. milne

credits: fox searchlight films/127 hours, lowes, google images

if I had to live my life again, i’d make the same mistakes, only sooner. – tallulah bankhead



Man forgets glasses, buys winning lottery ticket

Fairfield, Conn. — A man in southwestern Connecticut who mistakenly bought the wrong lottery ticket is $30,000 wealthier.

Bob Sabo, of Easton, says he didn’t want to wait in line to buy a lottery ticket at the Super Stop & Shop in Fairfield, so he decided to buy a ticket from a lottery vending machine — something he had previously never done.

Sabo says he meant to buy two $20 tickets, but says *he didn’t have his glasses on and instead bought a $30 ticket. When he got home, he discovered the ticket was a winner.

*(and he is clearly my kindred spirit)

credits: detroit news, associated press, ctlottery.org