along the way on my weekday drive

there is often a traffic mishap or accident

and if I begin to worry about being late

or get annoyed by the hold up

  i think about how the person/people involved must feel

how their life instantly changed in that moment

they were just having an ordinary day

and then

this happened

maybe they were

headed to work

to visit someone

leaving for a vacation

going to a celebration

helping someone

so many possibilities

 i’ve got no room to complain 

 nothing to worry about

puts it all right back into perspective

so i listen to my music and sit with my gratitude.


“since human wisdom cannot secure us from accidents,

it is the greatest effort of reason to bear them well. “

-john paul jones







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  1. You are so right. Grateful for all you have, safe, still on your way. Saying a prayer for those involved in the mishap.
    Last week while travelling home on the 400 series highway, I got caught up in road construction – 4x’s. As I sat there in the dark, I looked across at the traffic going the other way. It was like a Christmas display!!! Headlights bright, dim racing by, transport trucks lit like Christmas trees, multicoloured lights outlining their frames. It was something to just sit, relax and behold.

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  2. Any traffic jam is a reason to admire the surroundings and you see things you never noticed before. No point getting irritated as it is beyond our control. Stay in the moment. Often we don’t know the reason for jams and just hope that nothing serious has happened.

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  3. so so true. We hear the klaxon so often, as we’re not far from a hospital…. and every time, as well as when we’re on a motorway, and there’s an accident or incident, we send a quick prayer and a sigh for the person(s) involved, their wellbeing and their families. My motto is: I arrive when I’m there…. it helps to keep one’s calm.

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