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tag lines like this are one reason why local ads are the best:

‘should you decide not to call us, save this magazine for swatting.’ 



“a man thinks he amounts to a great deal

but to a flea or a mosquito a human being is merely something good to eat.”

– don marquis 


big news.


small business jeopardy

big news category

one has left and which one is coming?

more to be revealed 

day by day.

any guesses?

“in the business world,

bad news is usually good news

– for somebody else.”

-james surowiecki


bourbon and boots. (what about the kinders and kittens?)


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so funny that this brand targeted me

as a demographic match

  a potential interested buyer of their products

based upon my personal interests on Facebook.

apparently i appear to be

a whiskey/bourbon drinking

gun toting

engraved glass collecting

john wayne type.

and a southern lady.

(i guess i am from the south, if you consider michigan “the south”

in relation to the border we share with canada)

“the internet is the most important single development in the history of human communication

since the invention of call waiting.”

-dave barry


family, food and football.



who knew that ordering

a new grocery delivery service 

would lead to a commercial


a visit from

detroit lions’ player, golden tate

when he turned out to be

the surprise delivery guy?

another fun life adventure

for my middle daughter h, and her family.

“i’ll try anything. what are they gonna do, kick me out of show business?”

-penny marshall

girls’ night out?



so excited to have this

one of a kind personal Facebook invite from babs –

 i’m quite sure that i’m the only one who she sent this to.

I’ll be honest, Beth

Barbra Streisand
Beth —

I have to admit — there have been times when I never thought I’d see a woman become president.

After all, it’s been 24 years since I said in a speech that “Men and women are clearly measured by a different yardstick” — and through that time, it often seemed that nothing much has changed.

I’m proud to stand with her, and I’m excited to join her for one night only in New York City next month. We’ve extended the deadline, so add your name right now, and you could join us there!
It’s bound to be an exciting night — we’ll be celebrating a great candidate in the greatest city in the world, weeks before she’s elected as the first female President of the United States.

Hillary and I would love to see you there. Will you join us?
Thanks, and take care.


never treat your audience as customers, always as partners. – jimmy stewart


library of congress

had a nice offer



‘adult novelty catalog company’

to advertise

on my blog

and i smiled

and thanked them



turned them down


thought about


my posts



all about

nature, animals, philosophy,  humor, zen, children, travel, art. life, family, love, compassion, adventure

not so much about dancing girls

and their costumes

and their toys

and their boys

not to say


can’t be


art or love or zen or adventure


for they are all

a part of life

and we all

 share the same planet


i don’t judge


i like to dance


wear costumes


all the rest

but i figured

chances are

 the company

has never really read my blog

and has no idea

who my audience




your audience gives you everything you need. they tell you.

there is no director who can direct you like an audience.

– fanny brice

image credits: library of congress, dobrador.com