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our one and only whole group shot.

while some may appear less than engaged

we are all really into it.

so excited to receive my facebook stats for the group i manage

i’ve really made inroads and quadrupled our membership

it began with just one (me) and now has grown to four!

we may not be the most active

but we sure have that team spirit

and it’s clear

i was born to manage.


Facebook Groups you manage:

love horrible made for tv movies

Public group

last active 12 years ago

 4 members


“management is above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet.”

-henry mintzberg

bourbon and boots. (what about the kinders and kittens?)


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so funny that this brand targeted me

as a demographic match

  a potential interested buyer of their products

based upon my personal interests on Facebook.

apparently i appear to be

a whiskey/bourbon drinking

gun toting

engraved glass collecting

john wayne type.

and a southern lady.

(i guess i am from the south, if you consider michigan “the south”

in relation to the border we share with canada)

“the internet is the most important single development in the history of human communication

since the invention of call waiting.”

-dave barry